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A No Contract Cell Phone Provider

Pure TalkUSA is a nationwide cell phone service provider of low cost, no contract cell phone service - simple plans for the way you live your life. It operates using the largest family of GSM network wireless service providers in the country to provide reliable, affordable cell phone plans. Pure TalkUSA is focused on delivering fully featured wireless services and handsets along with the latest in wireless technology for the best mobile phone service.

Pure TalkUSA offers simple, affordable cell phone plans starting at $5.00/month with no contract, no restrictions and no extra fees. We're a different kind of cell phone service provider, as we understand not wanting to be locked into a contract or service. The Family Flex Plan allows you to set your calling plan to fit your needs AND budget. The Unlimited Plan has no daily, weekly, or monthly limits so you can talk and text as much as you like. The Unlimited Plus+ Plan offers unlimited talk/text PLUS 1GB of data, allowing you to talk/text without limits and the ability to check your email, surf the Web and more. Sign up online for a free SIM or free phone to your mobile phone service.

We have really enjoyed Pure TalkUSA, and the savings & service.

- Sally W.

We have really enjoyed Pure TalkUSA, and the savings & service.

- Sally W.

With Pure Talk USA, I'm still collecting roll over minutes and saving half of what I used to pay AT&T (with 2 yr contract) for the same service. Looking forward to data/pic messaging. Thank you, Pure Talk, for a cell service that really make sense!

- Laura M.

Great deal and great service! And they keep making the overall deal better and better.

- Barry W.

I have Pure TalkUSA and I love it. I get good coverage and it is not expensive like other companies. In fact, I left my T-mobile contract early to come to them. Unlimited text and talk for $39.95 taxes and fees included. You cannot beat that!

- Tee

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