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Coverage Legend Definitions

Best: Signals are strongest in areas shown in dark orange and should be sufficient for most in-building coverage. However, in-building coverage can be adversely affected by the thickness and/or construction type of walls or your location in the building (for example, in the basement in the middle of a building with multiple walls). This wireless network provides 3G and 2G service.

Good: In areas shown in light orange, the signal should be strong enough to support on-street or in-the-open coverage. However, signals may not be strong enough for in-vehicle or in-building coverage. This wireless network provides 3G and 2G service.

Partner: The areas shown in tan represent coverage provided by unaffiliated carriers. In these areas, the signal should be strong enough for on-street or in-the-open coverage, but may not be sufficient for in-vehicle or in-building coverage.

Requires 3g Handset: 3G coverage is available in select areas. A 3G-capable handset is required to receive service. Like all coverage, it can and will be adversely affected by distance from cell site, weather, foliage, tower congestion, and other factors. You'll know you're in a 3G coverage area when the 3G network indicator appears beside the signal bars on your phone.

Map displays approximate coverage
Important Information About This Coverage Map This map shows approximately where our wireless coverage is available. Cellular service may be affected by things like terrain, weather, foliage, building structures, and your equipment. The map does not guarantee service availability.
These maps are subject to the Microsoft® Service Agreement and for informational purposes only. No guarantee is made regarding their completeness or accuracy. Construction projects, traffic, or other events may cause actual conditions to differ from these results. Map and traffic data 2013 NAVTEQ®

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