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Pure TalkUSA's Family Flex Plan

Create the prefect family plan.
Flex Plan (Our Flexible Wireless Plan with Rollover Minutes) Chart
  • Add a Line for $5.00
  • 60 Minutes per Additional Line
  • Add Data/MMS for $9.95 a month!*
  • All Minutes Rollover and Never Expire
  • Flexibility to Fit Your Budget
  • One Flat Rate Every Month
  • Text Messaging Included**
Shop Pure TalkUSA Flex Plan Now

Looking for ways to save with no contract family phone plan? With Pure TalkUSA's Family Flex plan, all your family phone plans can be managed under one account, and start at only $5.00. Using our same great Flex Plans you can add your family or friends to your Pure TalkUSA account for only $5.00 per line and we'll throw in 60 minutes per line, per month.

And with the Family Flex Plan, you can enjoy the same conveniences as with our Flex plan: no contract, rollover minutes that never expire, transferrable rollover minutes between lines, and the ability to keep your existing number.

Want to check emails, update your Facebook status, or send a picture message? No problem. Add on our data package for only $9.95 a month and receive 150MB of data and 200MMS with rollover data! Yes, that is right. Any unused data will roll over and never expire.

Data will be added per line and can not be shared between lines on the Flex Family plans.

Start Saving Money with Cheap Cell Phone Family Plans

Pure TalkUSA's Family Flex Plan is reliable, easy to use, and best of all...cheap! Family phone plans are a great way to save money and receive consistently great service on Pure TalkUSA's GSM network. With our cheap cell phone family plans, you can add up to five different lines, manage accounts online, and set a different amount of minutes per line. It's really that simple!

  1. Sign up at www.puretalkusa.com or call us at 1-877-820-7873
  2. Set Your Spending Limit
  3. Designate a "Master line" once you receive and activate your phone(s)
  4. Assign Minutes to Each Phone

It's that easy, and cheap! Family cell phone plans have never been less of a hassle. Enjoy the affordability, convenience and flexibility of the Flex plan, but as a no contract family plan!

To sign up for the Family Flex plan, click here!

Pure TalkUSA does not have mobile to mobile minutes available. You will be using minutes per line when talking to someone on your family plan and all other Pure TalkUSA Customers.

* Phone must be data capable to work with the $9.95 data add on package.

** SMS Texting is deducted from your available balance, not added to your charges. Three SMS messages equals one minute of talk time. Minutes do not rollover on the Simple 50 or Simple 750 plan.

*** Usage shown in the customer portal will have a 48-72 hour delay; the total will not reflect usage from this time.

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