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Testimonials about Pure TalkUSA's Mobile Phone Plans

Read Pure TalkUSA no contract cell phone reviews and learn what satisfied customers have to say about our affordable mobile phone plans. Our hassle-free no contract cell phone plans are suited for any type of lifestyle whether you need unlimited data or flexible family plans.

Learn why Pure TalkUSA's customers enjoy our nationwide low-cost service with no restrictions or hidden fees. We operate using the largest GSM network in the country, which is why we are able to offer mobile phone plans at such low rates. Read our Pure TalkUSA reviews below to discover why our no contract cell phones are Simply Better than the rest.

"We have really enjoyed Pure TalkUSA, and the savings & service." -Sally W.

"With Pure Talk USA, I'm still collecting roll over minutes and saving half of what I used to pay AT&T (with 2 yr contract) for the same service. Looking forward to data/pic messaging. Thank you, Pure Talk, for a cell service that really make sense!" -Laura M.

"Very economical and just the kind of plan my husband and I want! Haven't had any problems ever." -Patty J.

"Finally a company that cares more about people then their profit margin. Only goes to show if Pure TalkUSA can do it, why not all the others? Thanks Pure TalkUSA for showing them how it's done...I'm taking this ride all the way to the top..." -Marie H.

"I had been with Verizon for years & switched to Pure Talk & been saving over $300 a year! Why pay minutes you don't use, now I don't." -Bob M.

"Great deal and great service! And they keep making the overall deal better and better." -Barry W.

"Been using this a backup phone... it sure comes in handy." -Hector J.

"The pure talk service will work on my iPhone and I love it a lot cheaper than you know who" -Jackie B.

"Best cell phone company ever!" -Jason M.

"The solution to my cell phone woes! Love the service and the pricing plans." -Matt A.

"I have Pure TalkUSA and I love it. I get good coverage and it is not expensive like other companies. In fact, I left my T-mobile contract early to come to them. Unlimited text and talk for $39.95 taxes and fees included. You cannot beat that!" -Tee