Unlimited Plus Plan

Better than the competition

Compare our Unlimited Plus plans to similar plans on the market and you'll see the savings you can receive! While others may pad their higher priced plans with "free" international minutes, we're focused on giving you the best rate for unlimited talk and text, plus data used within the United States. We offer two data levels on our Unlimited Plus plans that our competition can't beat!

Select the data level that's right for you

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Plan Summary

Unlimited Plus Plan

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What Can I Do with My Data?

The no contract Unlimited plans come with enough data for customers that will check and send emails on a daily basis, do some Web surfing, download/stream some music, and even use a few apps for social media or other purposes. Plus, keep in mind that using Wi-Fi instead of your cellular data when in hotspots can save on usage!

So what can you do with your data?

  • 1 email (no attachment) = 20KB
  • 1 email (with standard attachment) = 300KB
  • 1 minute of streaming music = 500KB
  • 1 hours of surfing the web = 15MB
  • 1 social media post with photo = 350KB
  • 1 minute of streaming video = 2MB
  • 1 minute of streaming HD video = 5.1MB
  • 1 app/game/song download = 4MB
  • What If I Go Over My Data Level?

    Usage shown in the customer portal will have a 48-72 hour delay; the total will not reflect usage from this time. Customers' data and MMS will automatically be capped once they reach their limit. Customers can select to allow overages and will automatically be billed an additional $4 at the end of the billing cycle once they use more than their allotment. This charge will apply for each block of 100MB of data or 100 MMS exceeded by the customer. Customer is responsible for monitoring his/her own data/MMS usage and for any/all additional charges (in $4 increments) incurred by usage.

    All Unlimited Plus Plans Include:

    • No Contracts or Added Fees
    • Flexible and Affordable Monthly Rates
    • Text Messaging and Unlimited Talk
    • Free SIM Card with Bonus Minutes
    • Coverage on the Nation's Largest GSM Network