Free 3G Flip Phone

From Pure TalkUSA

Our compact, 3G ready flip phones have easy to navigate menus, are compatible with all Pure TalkUSA plans, and include texting, voicemail, and a free home phone charger. As a bonus, you will receive 50 free minutes* on your first month!

Phone Manual

*The 50 bonus minutes do not apply to the Unlimited plans.

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Item Summary

GSM Flip Phone

  • 50 bonus minutes* with your first month on any Simple, Flex, or Family Flex plan
  • Minutes Always Rollover When on Flex or Family Flex plan
  • Free Home Charger
  • Voicemail Included

Questions About Our Free 3G Flip Phones

How do I activate my phone when it arrives?

To activate your Pure TalkUSA service, just visit our website and look for the Activate option. You may also activate your service by calling customer service at 1-877-707-8667.

How is the service coverage with the free flip phone?

Pure TalkUSA's free 3G flip phones gives you access to the nation's largest 3G GSM network, so you’re connected with speed and style. It's the technology you need - without the big monthly commitment.

Can I access the Internet with this free flip phone?

Yes. This model enables simple Internet access (data service required), and the 1.8 inch color display screen is great for viewing your text messages, photos and videos!

How is the battery life on the free flip phone?

Typically, you will get up to 5 hours of talk time and up to 246 hours on standby.