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Choosing a Cell Phone Plan

Cell Phones Without Contracts: Affordable, Simple, and Reliable

If you're tired of being anchored to a two year contract, fluctuating cell phone bills, and frustrating restrictions, then cell phone plans without a contract are just what you need! Choosing a no contract cell phone plan is simple and affordable, since you're not tied down to any specific limits or services. Here's how they work: unlike a standard plan, where you have to agree to an expensive monthly minimum, Pure TalkUSA's cell phone plans offer a reasonable minimum that you then raise only if you need to. You pay only for what you use, and you don't waste your minutes, or money!

Because you're not stuck in a two year commitment, a cell phone plan without a contract is convenient for when you want a cell phone, and easy to cancel when you decide to terminate your service. Most contract cell phone companies let you think that you're choosing a cell phone plan, but what you're really doing is entering into an expensive two year agreement with restrictive and costly fees. With a no contract cell phone plan, you actually DO have the flexibility to change your plan, cancel your service, and increase or decrease your minutes.

Choosing a Cell Phone Plan

Before choosing a cell phone plan, think about your style and budget - are you looking for an unlimited plan that lets you talk and text as much as you want? Or do you know you only want to give your kids a cell phone with no contract just for emergencies? Cell phone plans without a contract are great to introduce children to the responsibility of having cell phones, to give to an elderly family member for full mobile access, or just for yourself when you're tired of paying almost $100 a month to use only 200 minutes of air time.