Girlfriend spying on boyfriend's phone

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: Holly snooped through her boyfriends phone and found something she didnt like. Shes been obsessing over if for days, wondering whether that LOL was really just a friendly laugh. Does it look suggestive to you? Do you think hes really at the gym now? Or is he with that girl from work that he said LOL to?

In the world of smartphones, dating is a whole new game. We text instead of call. We find perfect matches with the swipe of our thumbs. We start (and end) relationships by pressing send.

Where are the boundaries? With the simple press of a button, you have access to everything your loved one does on their phoneevery tweet, text, email, and phone call (do those still happen?).

Sure, youre curious. But should you peek? No!

Let us save you some misery, embarrassment, and paranoia. Here are 5 reasons you shouldnt snoop through your loved ones phone.

1) You misread situations.

You stumble upon a text message. Its from a female. You go into instant girlfriend freak out mode. And then you feel embarrassed.

What do you mean Hannah wants to get lunch? Did you tell Hannah you have a girlfriend? Wait shes your cousin? Oh.

How do you explain reading that text message? Chances are, saying your eyes accidentally fell upon the one message from another woman (which was incidentally received last week) wont fly.

2) It starts a vicious cycle.

First youre using your girlfriends phone to check the scores while she picks out an outfit for dinner. Then youre scrolling through her texts. Next thing you know, youre practicing your ninja skills every time she leaves the roomyou silently summersault over to her phone at lightning speed, just to see if anything is amiss. Meanwhile, your heart hammers as you listen for her footsteps coming down the hall.

Be warned: if she doesnt get you, the anxiety of getting caught will.

3)You start to know things you shouldnt and its really creepy.

You know those times that you stalk someones Facebook, and then accidentally rat yourself out by knowing too many details about their vacation last year with their friends? That bowtie pasta you ate at that Italian restaurant last February looked really good. Did you get dessert too?

Imagine that scenario, but ten times worse. Because the information you find in the phone is private, not posted on Facebook for everyone to see.

4) You learn things about your significant other that you didnt want to know.

Look, were all a little quirky. Our phones have become a diary for our weirdness. We have silly pictures to cheer us up on a bad day, notes in the notebook app, inside jokes with friends, and not to mention a music library with that super secret Sob-fest playlist for the days you just cant deal with life.

Would you want your significant other finding your sob-fest playlist? We didnt think so.

5) You learn things about yourself that you didnt want to know.

Remember that time Jimmy really pushed your buttons because he watched The Voice without you? In the heat of the moment you texted your best friend a ton of horrible things that you didnt really mean but had to saylike how hes a rotten, TV spoiling jerk with no feelings.

Well, unless you want to hear about all of your flaws (like that time you ate Jimmys bag of Doritos), youre better off not snooping.

6) Its a breach of privacy and trust.

All jokes aside, relationships are about trust. It takes a long time to build this trust, and just a moment to destroy it. Dont let that moment be you snooping through your loved ones phone.

As scary as it can be to place your heart in someones hands and trust them not to break it, its well worth building a strong, trusting relationship. Besides, would you want your significant other to invade your privacy? Not a chance!

Respect each others boundaries and build your relationship on a solid foundation of trust. Say no to snooping.

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