Weve all been in that awkward situation. You know, the one where your friend is practicing horrendous cell phone behavior. You blush, scoot over a little, and shoot bystanders apologetic looks, all the while thinking, How does she NOT realize everyone is staring?

Unfortunately, poor cell phone etiquette has become this mobile-savvy generations epidemic. Could you be infected, too? Here are some telltale signs that you are that cellphone user, and remedies to help you recover!

The Problem: You text, talk, tweet, or surf the web at the dinner table.

Look, we get that the game is on, its huge, and it only takes two seconds to check the score, so who will notice? But those two seconds add up when you do it, oh, every 15 minutes. And your date notices. A lot.

The Solution: Stash the phone.

Leave it in the car, at home, at your Moms housewherever you need to in order to avoid temptation. Give your dining companion your undivided attention. And next time, dont make dinner plans during the game.

The Problem: You use your cell phone while conversing in person.

Becky is trying to tell you about her awesome weekend at the lake, but youre too busy playing Plants vs. Zombies to hear that she wants you to come up next time. And now, she doesnt think its a good idea after all. Bummer.

The Solution: Pay attention.

If youre having a conversation with someone, be completely present. Plants vs. Zombies will be there when you get back, we promise.

The Problem: You check your phone during a movie.

Back in the prehistoric era, when texting wasnt really a thing, movie theaters only had to ask us to silence our phones. Now, we are provided a full list of things not to do: talk, text, tweet, play games, check email, etc. Why? Because, the blinding light from your phone that flashes as you glance at it is very distracting. How are we supposed to follow this complex Hollywood plotline with a light show going on in the 3rd row?

The Solution: Turn your phone COMPLETELY off.

With all of the distractions cell phones provide today, simply silencing it wont do. And if the movie is a snoozer, we know youre going to want to bust out the best diversion ever created. Keep it off to deter yourself from doing so.

The Problem: You entertain (anger) bystanders with a cell phone monologue.

If the woman a few benches down from you in the park keeps glancing at you while youre on the phone, its probably not because of your outfit. Most likely, shes wondering why youre shouting. Shes also curious now about your conversation. You let your son watch what?

The Solution: Be quiet.

Always use your inside voice when speaking on the phone, even outdoors. Also, anyone can hear youkeep this in mind while choosing what to converse about over the phone in public.

The Problem: You take calls in an enclosed space.

Its not just the shouters that get attention. You might be using your indoor voice, but some places just arent meant for cellphones. Here are a few:

- Churches
- Restaurants
- Weddings/Funerals/Other ceremonies
- Your child's talent show
- The library
- The office

The Solution: Wait it out.

Wait until you leave to have this conversation. If its an emergency, remove yourself from the venue to take the call in private.

Remember, this epidemic is curable! If you think youre exhibiting symptoms, it could be time to reevaluate your cell phone usage. No one wants to be known as that cell phone user!