Time to select a new President

Well, its that time again time to select our 45th President. Thats 45th, if you count Grover Cleveland twice. Such an important decision requires us to consider endless amounts of data in order to make the best choice polls, surveys, town-hall meetings, radio, television and more! It can all be so confusing. Through it all we should remember, its not always the one who screams the loudest but the one who makes the most sense. . .

Time to select a new cellular provider

Selecting a cellular service provider can be as difficult as selecting a President. That said, we should consider all available data network/coverage, talk/text, megabytes, gigabytes, pricing (SM, MED, LG, XL, XXL)? By the way, are we selecting a cellular service plan or a new jogging outfit? Whew. . . lets gather ourselves and take a good hard look at the candidates and their campaign promises (providers and their plans). Do you remember when the BIG guys (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and the others) introduced their so called simple pricing, half off and so many more they screamed from the mountaintops that their plans would actually save us money, when in actuality, we saved nothing at all. We just became more confused. Truth be told, these new plans are actually costing us more money, now that were having to finance the cost of a new smartphone. Lets just take a break from the barrage of information and simply do the math. Well quickly realize these so called simple priced and half off plans arent so simple at all nor do they save us money. Why is that? Did you check the fees? You know what Im talking about, all those additional fees, taxes, activations and more (you have to dig deep but they are in there). Dont forget the very basic requirement of having reliable coverage. There are a couple of the BIG buys that have marginal coverage at best, depending on where you travel. Were not naming names but lets just say pink and yellow arent our favorite colors.

Time to cast your vote

Before casting your vote (choosing your cellular service provider) consider PureTalk USA. You might ask yourself; who is PureTalk USA and where did they come from? Well, from the start you know you can trust them after all, theyve got USA right there in their name! And if thats not enough, PureTalk USA provides service on the nations largest GSM network, which equals coverage virtually anytime and anywhere you travel across the US. PureTalk USA offers low cost, simple priced plans starting at just $10/month for talk and text and they have the latest/greatest devices including the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. We all know how important a balanced budget is, so if your personal budget is important to you, give PureTalk USA a good hard look. PureTalk USA is an established provider located right her in the good old USA (just east of Atlanta Ga, to be exact) and they offer some of the best, easy-to-understand service plans available today by any provider. Dont make a mistake pick a winner!