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Think about how often we use our cell phones. We text the kids and grandkids, play games, check calendars, get directions, read the news in fact, it seems like we use cell phones for pretty much everything!

Unfortunately, all that cell phone use isnt free. And with so many different ways to use your device, you may find you have trouble fitting it into your budget.

A cell phone is an expense. As such, owning one calls for some financial planning. But mobile devices are supposed to be convenient not a pain! So, weve gathered some tips on how to take control of your cell phone budget. Say goodbye to those expensive bills!

1. Determine your needs

Do you ever look at your cell phone bill and wonder where all of those charges are coming from? Most likely, youre either paying for more than you need, or using too much! Just like any budget, you need to first determine your needs in order to keep your cell phone bill under control.

Are you a texting-pro, or do you prefer long phone calls? Do you use Facebook and email on your phone, or do you use your computer for online activities instead? Do you use your device for GPS?

By answering simple questions like these, you can narrow down your talk, text, and data needs. Then, you can find a plan that works for you.

2. Get the family on board

Are you or another relative handling the phone bill for multiple family members? Perhaps its time to look into a family plan.

Many family plans include multiple lines and allow you to add additional ones at a low price. These plans also enable you to set boundaries for the other lines, such as how many minutes and texts they have and how much data these lines can use. This way, you can tell your text-loving granddaughter just how many she can send on her phone before she runs up the bill.

3. Be data conscious

Data is great for GPS, video chatting, downloading the familys pictures, and checking in with everyone on Facebook. But it can become a nightmare if you dont keep track of how much data you really use.

Unlimited data plans are a thing of the past, and many providers dole out harsh penalties (AKA fees) when you exceed your data cap. So, its essential to know how much data youre using for your online activities. This way, you can be sure you dont exceed the amount of data included in your plan.

On the flip side, data is expensive. So, you want to be sure youre not paying for too much data, especially if it doesnt roll over to the next month. By calculating your data needs, youll be able to figure out just how much data you really need to purchase. Theres no use in buying the maximum amount if you only use your phone for calls and texts!

4. Take advantage of senior discounts

Do you know when we love hearing the word senior? When its a part of senior discounts, of course!

There are tons of perks that come with senior status, but did you know that even cell phone providers love giving seniors advantages? In fact, many service providers offer plans specifically for seniors including Pure TalkUSA! These plans often have lower rates than normal plans, and with Pure TalkUSA, you get additional benefits like free bonus minutes.

Who doesnt love free minutes?

5. Ditch the contract

If you want to know exactly how much youre going to pay for your cell phone bill each month, then its time to ditch the contract and switch to a pay as you go service. No more hidden fees, no more unexpected charges, no more two-year commitment.

With a pay as you go plan, youll pay only for the texts, minutes, and data you actually use. And if you decide your current package doesnt fit? No problem just adjust your plan for the next month. No contract phones offer the ultimate level of flexibility and put you in total control of your service, device, and budget.

Cell phone bills can cost an arm and a leg but they dont have to! With some simple planning, you can take control of your service and be sure you never pay for more than you need and use.

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