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At Pure TalkUSA, we believe in providing great customer service, excellent coverage, and the best (and lowest!) rates. But, we also believe in something else

Savvy seniors.

When it comes to technology, seniors get a bad rap. Providers boast minimal plans and basic phones because its assumed thats what seniors want and all they can handle.

Pure TalkUSA is calling their bluff.

Seniors, we see you posting on Facebook. We know you text your kids and grandkids and need minutes to keep up with friends and family. We know you use apps not just to stay organized, but to have fun, too.

And we know that no matter how you use your phone - whether its to talk, text, play, or all three - youre technologically savvy.

Which is why Pure TalkUSA is redefining how providers speak to seniors. No more talk about Jitterbugs & how to send text messages. Our Senior AddVantage section is all about giving you content on the latest and greatest apps, technology, and plans. Because thats the information you need to stay connected, and at Pure TalkUSA, thats what were all about.

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