Man on a pay as you go phone

You might have noticed that at Pure TalkUSA, were fans of paying as you go. We love anything that makes our lives easier, and pay as you go phones certainly fit that description.

With a prepaid phone, we dont have to worry about contracts with hidden fees, long-term commitments, or paying for service we dont need or use. Instead, we get to tailor our plans to our preferences.

Its this flexibilitythis stress-free mobile phone experiencethat makes no-contract cell phones so great. Its also what makes us proud to offer our service to you.

However, working in this industry, we tend to hear a few peculiar notions regarding no-contract phones. So were here to set the record straight. Without further ado, here are the top three misconceptions about pay as you go phones:

1)Pay as you go phones are for drug dealers.

This is like saying broccoli is for vegetarians. Do vegetarians eat broccoli? Yes. Does that mean broccoli is just for vegetarians? No. In fact, it makes a great side item for a steak dinner.

Pay as you go phones have an unfortunate reputation as burner phones, or phones that are used for one purpose and then discarded. In the past, these were the phones of choice for people committing illegal activity (AKA selling drugs) because they were harder to track. Soap operas didnt make this reputation any easier to lose. But today, pay as you go phones are valued by tons of people who want to save money and live contract-free.

2)Pay as you go phones are for those with bad credit or no credit at all.

While many prepaid phone providers do not require a credit check to establish service, this doesnt mean those with excellent credit cant (and dont) take advantage of prepaid service.

In fact, were willing to bet all of you good credit folks out there are pretty good at managing your money, which means saving money with a pay as you go phone is right up your alley. Who wouldnt love paying only for the minutes, text messages, and data you actually use? This sounds like a deal for everyone, regardless of credit score!

3)Pay as you go phones arent snazzy. Your device is only good for phone calls.

Hold the phone (pun intended). Pay as you go phones arent snazzy? While we dont look down on phones that are simply used for calls (as this was their original, intended use), we do love a phone that can text, surf the web, and play a game or two. Thankfully, pay as you go phones can do all of that and more.

These days, prepaid service doesnt limit you to a basic cell phone. It just allows you to pay for only the services you know youll use on your device. It also gives you the freedom to change your plan if need be, because youre not stuck in a contract. So if you come to Pure TalkUSA looking to just talk and text on your device, theres a plan (and phone) for you. But if you want to talk, text, Tweet, and play Angry Birds, weve got you covered too.

At the end of the day, your cell phone choice depends on your wants and needs. Pay as you go phones are just another way to keep you mobile and connected, and to save you money while youre at it! If you appreciate good service, awesome phone features, and a plan that fits your lifestyle, then a pay as you go phone is for you.