Charging iPhone with question "What Can You Do on a Dead Phone?"

When it comes to your cell phone, nothing causes frantic heart palpitations like a dead batteryespecially if youre in the middle of using it. You may find yourself wondering, What happens to my texts? or Can I still get my voicemails?

There are a lot of questions out there about what you can and cant do when your cell phone dies. So today, we want to break it down for you. The next time your cell phone is dead, youll know just what you can do!

Heres what you need to know:

If my phone is dead, can I still track it?

If youre a smartphone user, chances are your device has a Find My Phone feature that allows you to track, lock, and even wipe it if its misplaced or stolen. However, a dead device is no good for most users when it comes to tracking.

For Android phones, your device must have an active Internet connection in order to determine the location. However, you can look at the phones location history through Google Maps Location History and see the last recorded location of the device. If that isnt where you last had your phone before it died, youre out of luck.

If youre an iPhone user, there is a feature that allows you to track down your device once its dead sort of. Under Find My iPhone, there is a separate option called Send Last Location. Enabling this feature tells your phone to send Apple your location whenever your battery is critically low. Then, if your device dies, you can log into your iCloud account and see its last recorded location just before the battery quit.

Photo of Find My iPhone Screen

Just make sure you set up this feature immediatelyyou wouldnt want to remember it after your battery dies!

If my phone is dead, does it go straight to voicemail?

Theres a lot of debate over whether a dead phone goes straight to voicemail or rings before prompting the caller to leave a message. Some people say they get sent straight to voicemail every time, and others are exclaiming they hear a few rings first so whats the real story?

Well, it depends on the network. The ringing sound that callers hear is the networks way of keeping you on the phone while it searches for the other device. Psychologically, it makes us think that the call is going through. Sometimes it takes the network longer to locate the device before it can determine that it cant be found (because its off, dead, or out of range), which is what happened to families of the passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. So in this case, instead of going straight to voicemail, the call rings first.

If my phone is dead, can I call 911?

Unfortunately, a phone needs battery power to be able to call 911. However, you can call 911 with a cell phone thats not associated with a service provider. All you need is battery power and a signal.

If my phone is dead, can I still receive text messages?

When your phone dies, it loses all functionality until you charge it again. However, this doesnt mean that you wont receive the texts that are sent to you during this time! You just wont be able to view them on your phone. After you power up your device, theyll arrive in your inbox just like normal.

However, there are ways to check your text messages on other devices. If you have an iCloud account, you can direct your text messages to go to any of your other Apple devices that are also signed in to that account, like your Mac or iPad. Some service providers also offer ways to check your messages online from your computer.

If my phone is dead, can I still get voicemails?

Just like text messages, voicemails can be accessed on your device after youve charged it. However, you can easily get your voicemails by calling your phone from another device. Once you get to your voicemail box, dial * or # (depending on your provider) and then enter your voicemail password (hint: you made this when you first set up your voicemail think back!). Voila! There are your voicemails.

A dead battery can be a pain, but as you can see, there are several ways to work around it. But do you know the foolproof way to avoid the headache of a dead phone? Charge your device! Its good for the battery and good for you.

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