Cell phones provide low-cost summer safety net for kids


Family Flex Plan

By using affordable, no-contract family plans, parents can keep in contact with their children during the busy summer months without spending a fortune.

Did you know that the summer is when police departments receive the most missing child calls?

Part of the reason is that summer vacation frees children across the country from their classrooms. From trips to the beach, amusement parks, playgrounds, and friend’s houses, our pre-teens (aka “tweeners”) and teens are out and about more than usual. In many ways they will be at a higher risk of getting themselves into vulnerable situations, and it can be extremely difficult for busy parents to keep track of their whereabouts.

One affordable safety precaution that more parents are taking advantage of is the use of family oriented prepaid cell phone plans. These plans are not only cost efficient when using multiple lines, but they allow parents to set limits on phone usage and encourage children to “budget” their phone time.

Take Pure TalkUSA’s Family Flex Plan. For the base price of just $10 per month, subscribers get 130 minutes to use over 30 days – enough for a child to check in with his or her parents a couple times per day. And if a family has two or more children, they can add an additional line (up to five) for only $5 more. On top of that, with each added line, all lines on the account will be given an additional 60 minutes per month at no extra charge. If more minutes are needed, there are additional pricing options as well.

And with Pure TalkUSA’s Family Flex Plan, subscribers will enjoy the same conveniences as the Pure TalkUSA Basic Flex Plan: no contracts, no fees, Rollover minutes that never expire, transferable Rollover minutes between lines, and the ability to keep any existing phone numbers! Text messaging is also included.

Think of cell phones as a safety blanket that we can extend to our children when they leave the safety of their home. Parents, grandparents, and other concerned adults can rest easy knowing that their kids are not only capable of being reached, but also phoning for help at any moment.

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