Looking for a senior or easy-to-read cell phone?


Pure TalkUSA introduces the Snapfon EZ One for seniors.  The EZ One from Snapfon is no complicated iPhone ® or Blackberry® -just a simple handset that is perfect for seniors or anyone that wants a no-frills phone. Snapfon EZ Ones are quad-band world phones designed with simple features such as FM radio, keypad lock on/off, enhanced volume, bright LED flashlight and extra long battery life. It has an easy set-up, equipped with an easy- to- read screen and a speaker phone option. Another great feature the EZ One from Snapfon comes with is an SOS emergency alert button.  This feature is capable of sounding an alarm, can call and text up to 4 programmed emergency contacts and connects to emergency contacts with speakerphone.Price only $65 for both phone plus service. For more information on this simple and reliable phone, click here.

  • 50 FREE Minutes with our Flex or Basic Plan
  • Pick your plan and choose from our Basic, Flex, & Unlimited Plans!
  • Get more minutes by setting your maximum dollar amount with our flex plan
  • Minutes Always Rollover
  • Purchase Additional Minutes Anytime
  • SMS Texting on the Flex and Basic Plan is 3.3¢*
  • Free Voicemail Included
  • Free Home Charger

Add your parent/grandparent to your family plan for only $5.00. Click here for more details.

* SMS Texting 3.3¢ each when on base or flex plan. 3.3¢ is deducted from your available balance, not added to your charges. Active account required. $10 payment is due on anniversary date of purchase each month to ensure minutes rollover if on the base or flex plan. $37.95 is due on anniversary date of purchase each month if on the Unlimited plan. SIM purchase does not include cellular telephone — you must have your own compatible handset. SIM purchases receive a bonus 150 minutes. ** For SIM purchases on the base or flex plan, your first month’s service fee of $10 will give you 280 minutes for your 1st month of service. *** Effective July 10th, 2012, all GSM phone and service providers will be required to report stolen GSM handsets to a database. Any phone on this Stolen/Block list will NOT be able to be used with our Pure TalkUSA service or any other service provider. The creation of this database has been mandated by the FCC in an effort to limit the value of stolen handsets and prevent them from being reused.
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One thought on “Looking for a senior or easy-to-read cell phone?

  1. Darrel

    However if the reason is valid and legal, then it is possible to track someone through a cell phone number.
    If the company does not have this information, or after
    cold calling the number you find out its fake, chances are this is a scam company.

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