Family cell phone plans are great option for kids heading back to school



During the school year, parents can keep track of their kids with affordable, no-contract family cell phone plans.

Whether it’s football, cheerleading, basketball, soccer, swimming, studying, band, or just plain old hanging out with friends, your pre-teen and teenage children will be super busy now that the new school year is here.

You’re going to want to keep track of them to make sure that they’re OK and safe at all times, right?

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to do that is to get them their own cell phone line. That way, they can reach you in the case of an emergency, or even if they’re just ready for you to come pick them up from practice.

If you’re interested in learning more about family cell phone plans, you’ll want to check out Pure TalkUSA’s Family Flex Plan. it’s one of the most affordable and reliable options on the market.

How it works…

For the base price of just $10 per month (our Mobile Flex Plan) a customer will receive 130 rollover minutes to use every 30 days. To add an additional like to the account, with it’s own phone number, it only costs $5 per month extra. That’s the Family Flex Plan!

Pure TalkUSA allows you to add up to five (5) additional lines per account. In addition to receiving the additional lines for only $5, Pure TalkUSA gives you an extra 60 rollover minutes per line to use each month at no extra charge! Text messaging is also included in the plan.

If more minutes are needed, Pure TalkUSA offers several different tiers of cell phone service, all at extremely affordable rates. Click on the image above to learn more!

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