How Flexible Phone Plans Save You Money


One of the sweetest features that Pure TalkUSA offers is the ability for customers to switch mobile phone plans at any time. We do this in order to give our customers the best possible pricing for whatever their needs may be on a month-to-month basis. With most other service providers, there is a penalty to change plans…not with us!


Say that you’re on the Pure TalkUSA Mobile Unlimited Plan (which, by the way, is now only $34.94 per month). You know that during the following month, you will be on vacation and don’t plan on doing much talking or texting. You may want to change your plan to our Mobile Flex Plan that gives you a set number of minutes and text messages for only $10.

With Pure TalkUSA, it’s simple and there are no fees! You can even change your phone plan right from your own computer. To do this, simply go to and select the “Client Login” option from the top menu bar, then enter your account number and password when prompted. Next, select the option to “Change Monthly Plan.”


You can also change your plan through our automated telephone system by calling 1-877-820-7873. It’s a good idea to save this number as a contact in your phone for easy access in the future.

By allowing our customers to upgrade their plans at any time without penalty, we’ve been able to save our customers from having to pay a lot of money in unnecessary overage fees. So feel free to change your plan at any time and save yourself some money.

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