How Pure TalkUSA is saving my family money!


We love hearing how much money everyone is saving with Pure TalkUSA!  Recently, a customer contacted us offering to blog about saving money with Pure TalkUSA…check out her story below to see how YOU can save money in 2012!


How Pure TalkUSA is saving my family money….

I did it…I made the switch. I am almost embarrassed to admit to everyone how much money I was throwing down the drain each month. However, my excitement of what I am saving outweighs that embarrassment!  My family is growing and needed to trim down our budget, so my husband and I dropped the big box cell phone company and made the move to Pure TalkUSA.  When we decided to try to start saving, the first thing we looked at was our phone bill. On average we were paying $150 each month for our family plan with two phones. Here is the break down of what we had:

$60 for 700 shared minutes with unlimited nights/weekends

$9.99 for adding the second line on the family plan

$30 for shared unlimited text messages & free mobile to any mobile

$25 data package for my husbands phone (includes 2GB)

$15 data package for my phone (includes 200MB)

Throw in all taxes and fees, and our average monthly bill hits about $150 a month.

Have you ever analyzed your bill to see what exactly you are using? Honestly, I had not. I use online bill pay (saved a tree and cancelled our paper bills). I never really looked at our bill unless it seemed high.  Yes, we had upgraded to have data, yes we added unlimited texting. All those things add up. Let me just show you what we actually used last month. This is the embarrassing part:

Of those 700 shared minutes we used 399 minutes

Mobile to any mobile and night/weekend minutes – 954 minutes

Unlimited texting – 587 messages were sent/received

$25 for my husband’s 2GB of data (2GB=2048MB) – he used a whopping 225MB

$15 for my 200MB of data and I used 72 whole mega bytes.

That is a grand total of 1951MB of unused data that we paid for!! Data does not even roll over…use it or lose it.

Enter Pure TalkUSA. I always said I would switch but was waiting for them to offer data. When it was released, I shrugged and said it wasn’t enough. I had put off the switch long enough. It was time and here is what we did:

Husband –FREE SIM card and put it in his current GSM phone. He went with the Unlimited Plus Plan for $43.95 –unlimited talk & text (I didn’t have to shell out another $30 for unlimited texting and mobile to any mobile…it’s included).  He also gets 100MB of data and 100 MMS. Yes, with budgeting comes sacrifices. He has to cut down on his web surfing. We both use data on our phones for light email, keeping up with social media, and a little web browsing here and there. The biggest thing has been for us to make sure we take advantage of FREE Wi-Fi. When we are connected, we are not using any of the data in our plan. This has saved us a tremendous amount and neither of us has gone over the allotted 100MB.

Add in another $43.95 & Free SIM for myself to be on the unlimited Plus Plan and we are at a grand total of $87.90 a month for BOTH of us to talk, text, and stay connected. Did I mention all taxes and fees are included?  If my husband either of us do go over on our data, it would only be $10 for another 100MB of data per line. We still would come in way under what we were spending with the big guys. I am happy to report that we are currently saving $62 bucks a MONTH. That will be $744 extras dollars at the end of the year.  Who wouldn’t want an extra $744 a YEAR?

Luckily when we made the switch our contract was up. We did not have to pay any early termination fees. However, I have talked other family members in to making the big switch. Some of which will be paying a termination fee. After doing the math, we realized that with the money saved over the course of the year paying the early termination fee was worth it. We can pay that fee and STILL save money.

We also took advantage of the referral program. My husband “referred” me and received a $10 credit on his bill. Are you kidding me…$10 off for referring a friend? So, I referred my mom and I also received $10 off.  This credit shows up after the referees second month of service. Our goal is to refer a friend each month. We actually have a friendly competition going on as to who can save the most by referring friends and getting $10 credits. So far, I am winning!!

If you are looking to save money in 2012 or considering making a switch with your cellular service, I highly recommend Pure TalkUSA!!

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