How to connect your smartphone to WiFi [VIDEO]


free-wifi-1Were you aware that data that is transferred over a WiFi connection doesn’t count toward any data usage allowance that may be associated with your Pure TalkUSA cell phone plan?

Connecting your smartphone to a WiFi network is the undeniable best way to save money on your cell phone bill, while still being able to take advantage of all of the bells, whistles, and streaming media apps that your handset can accommodate.

Here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) about using WiFi on your cell phone or smartphone…

Will I be charged for using WiFi?

You will not be charged by Pure TalkUSA for WiFi use. You should have the freedom to enjoy the benefits of your WiFi enabled device without having to pay extra! There are a vast number of public and private hotspots in most cities and town. While some do hotspots do charge for access, many are free, like homes, offices, restaurants, and merchants (i.e. Starbucks, McDonald’s). Always contact the hotspot owner/provider if you have questions or problems connecting.

Can I use WiFi outside of cellular coverage?

Yes, any WiFi hotspot you have access to can be used – even if it is outside of Pure TalkUSA’s coverage area.

Will the Internet experience on my phone be slower on WiFi?

In the majority of cases, no. WiFi bandwidth usually provides a faster speed and lower latency, permitting better experiences for content like video streaming, gaming, and web browsing, however, it is possible for WiFi hotspots to be congested and provide slower data rates.

If you’re not sure how to connect your WiFi enabled smartphone to a WiFi network, check out this video for a quick walk through.

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