I Spy…the Pure TalkUSA Mobile!


Pure TalkUSA is gearing up for some exciting events across the country and we will be taking our Pure TalkUSA Mobiles out in full force all around the southeast.

Starting Thursday, November 4, 2010, Pure TalkUSA mobiles will be hitting the streets for the Dave Ramsey® event in Orlando, FL that will take place on Saturday, November 6, 2010 (make sure you enter to win your VIP tickets!) Spot one of our Pure TalkUSA mobiles as we drive from Atlanta to Orlando- and you can win by uploading a picture of the car on Facebook for a free prize! Get your picture with the car, upload it to Facebook, and get 3 FREE months of service if you are not a current customer, or 3 months paid for if you are. Finally, all those years playing the “I spy” game can pay off!

To see where the Pure TalkUSA mobiles will be next, make sure to check back with us under our events tab on Facebook.

 Good luck,

Your friends at Pure TalkUSA

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