Introducing Rollover Data for Mobile Flex & Family Flex plan customers



You asked for more data options and we delivered!

Customers on Pure TalkUSA’s Mobile Flex and Family Flex calling plans can now add Rollover Data to their phone plans for only $9.95. Data is sold in blocks of 150 MB and includes 200 MMS for sending and receiving picture messages.

What is Rollover Data?

Rollover Data is unused data that carries over from month to month. Customers will have the flexibility to rollover any amount of their unused data to use when needed, just like our Rollover Minutes. For example, if you purchase a block of data that includes 150 MB, and one month you only use 100 MB, you will accumulate 50 MB of Rollover Data to use in the future whenever you need it.

You paid for it, so you keep it! Currently, Pure TalkUSA is the only no-contract mobile service provider to offer this data feature. To get Rollover Data

New Customers

When you sign up to use Pure TalkUSA’s Mobile Flex plan or Family Flex plan, you will be asked to select a Data Plan Option. You can select 150 MB for $9.95, however we also offer blocks of Rollover Data in 300 MB and 450 MB sizes available.

Current Pure TalkUSA Customers (Mobile Flex & Family Flex)

Purchase Rollover Data using these three steps:

  1. Login. Login to the Pure TalkUSA customer portal.
  2. Select. Hover over “Plan” at the top of the page, then select “Manage Data Plan.”
  3. Sign-up. After selecting an allotment of data – 150 MB, 300 MB, or 450 MB – and then choose whether you want to purchase it immediately, or wait until your next billing date.

Need more that 150 MB?  Customers can purchase additional blocks of data from the customer portal by going to Order > Buy More Data. To check the Rollover Data balance on an account, go to Account > My Mobile Numbers inside of the customer portal.

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