More Bang for your Buck!


We’re excited to announce our improved plans. We’ve decided to give our customers more simple and flexible service while keeping our prices affordable. Now customers can get more out of their Pure TalkUSA service without having to spend more.

Pure TalkUSA Flex Plans now offers more minutes at each price bracket. Customers can receive 130 minutes for just $10. Family Flex Plan users will also receive 60 additional minutes per added line instead of 50. That’s a lot of minutes and savings that the whole family can enjoy. The Flex chart shows how many minutes you are now able to receive.


The great news doesn’t end there. Unlimited Plus users get to enjoy great added perks. Now, along with unlimited talk and text on the nation’s largest GSM network, our Unlimited Plus Plan features 300 MB/300 MMS. That means more mobile web surfing and app use for the same low price of $43.95. The best news of all is that new, as well as, current customers will get to experience the plan additions.

For more details on the awesome new plan improvements, visit our website

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20 thoughts on “More Bang for your Buck!

  1. Isaac

    Who can complain about getting more for the same price in this world of rising costs and less product? Two thumbs up!

  2. Mark

    Its the simplest way to control getting just what you need and no added stress. I am thankful so it.

  3. Charles

    I like how this plan can be customized for anyone that uses few minutes to those that use more minutes.

  4. Randy Atkins

    I was in love with the rates of the flex plan before they changed them. Now it is even better!!!! You cannot beat the price.

  5. puretalkusa

    We’re glad everyone is excited about the changes to our plans! We hope to continue making them better.

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