New Smart Phone added to Pure TalkUSA Line Up!


While we support going green and offering refurbished handsets we realize some people like NEW phones. As of late, we have started to add a few cell phones to our line up that are new and not refurbished. Every customer can find a new phone in their budget. The Alcatel OT-356 is only $24.95 but when signing up for the Unlimited or Unlimited Plus+ plans you can snag this phone for only $9.95. Want a slide out keyboard? Try the Samsung A737or the Pantech Matrix. All of these cell phones are brand new.

I know you have all heard about the significant increase in data to our Unlimited Plus+ Plan, right? Just in case you missed it we have increased the data offered with the plan from 300MB of data and 300MMS to 600MB of data and 600MMS. Keep in mind that connecting to WiFi does not use the data given in your plan. It’s free! 600MB of data is enough to send/receive emails, check and update social media sites, downloads apps and more, depending on the user and the handset.

Alright, so now to the point of this entire post. Pure TalkUSA is excited to offer a brand new, WiFi capable cell phone to new and current customers. The LG Phoenix is now available on our website for only $144.95. This touch screen, Android smart phone offers 3G data, a 5 mega pixel camera, bluetooth connectivity, and more!


I mentioned our Flat Rate Service, didn’t I? We offer no contracts and all taxes and fees are included in your monthly plan price. Ready to sign up? Just head on over to our website to order now!



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