Affordable, Flexible, Reliable: Pure TalkUSA




Pure TalkUSA provides affordable cell phone plans to those who want reliable, economical and flexible service. Our no contract plans start at just $10.00 a month with no extra fees, (activation charges, taxes, etc.) and best of all, you set your budget. Yes, you read that correctly, with our Flex Plan, you tell us how many minutes you want, and how much you want to spend.  This Flex Plan allows you to have the ultimate control over your spending.

Gone are the days that a cell phone company tells you how many minutes you can use and how much you are going to spend for those minutes, whether you use them or not. In fact, did you know that unlimited calling plans are the most cost effective plan option for only 7 percent of mobile subscribers?1 This is because most people pay excess money for minutes that they never use, and could be saving that money every month instead of allowing their cell phone provider to pocket. More people are being sold unlimited plans that are full of minutes that are never used. 2 Our philosophy at Pure TalkUSA is that you should never pay for minutes that go unused, so as our customer, you get rollover minutes that never expire.

With the freedom of the Flex Plan, and the affordability of our low cost options, you owe it to yourself to start trying-and saving with Pure TalkUSA.  

1 and 2. According to New York Times article

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