Vote For Pure TalkUSA’s “Me & You” Photo Contest Winner



It’s time to select a winner for Pure TalkUSA’s “Me & You” Photo Contest! We’ve selected our top pictures based on a a number of factors, including: popularity on our Facebook wall, creativity in composition, uniqueness of pose/background, and overall ability to make the people in our office say, “Awww…that’s a nice picture!”

Now it’s up to you to select  a winner! View the gallery (click on the photo to get a better view) and then scroll down to the poll at the bottom of this page and vote for the title of your favorite Pure TalkUSA “Me & You” photo! The deadline to vote is: Sunday, March 3, at 11:59 pm ET.

The Pure TalkUSA fan that submitted the photo with the most votes will receive:


[polldaddy poll=6921266]

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2 thoughts on “Vote For Pure TalkUSA’s “Me & You” Photo Contest Winner

  1. Jamie

    My sister and Will are so in love!!! They have two precious children together & im so happy to see they are in 1st place!!! Yay for “autograph request”!!

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