Question #3: 2012 Great Holiday Giveaway



Pure TalkUSA wants to make the holidays a little happier for all of our loyal customers and fans!

For our 2012 Great Holiday Giveaway, we’re giving away some great prizes between now and Christmas. And if you give us good enough reason, one of the winners could be you!


Question #3:

Using the Pure TalkUSA Family Flex plan could save your family tons of money! Tell us something FUN that you would do with your family if you saved $1,000. (Be original!)

This question closes on December 16 at 11:59 pm ET


Up to three (3) Alcatel OT-356 feature phones and four (4) FREE months of Pure TalkUSA’s Family Flex plan


Question 1 (Favorite Holiday Memory) – Davis Bush

Question 2 (Most Thankful) – VOTE HERE


Here’s how the contest works…

1.) After midnight on each of the following days: Dec. 11, Dec. 13*, Dec. 15, Dec. 17*, Dec. 19, and Dec. 21, we will post a holiday-themed question on at the top of this page, each of which is associated with its own prize. There may be additional prize giveaways throughout the period (so make sure you check either our blog or our Facebook page daily).

2.) To enter the contest, simply answer the question using 125 words or less in the comments section of this post. You have until 11:59 p.m. on the day after the question is posted (48 hours). After which, that question will be closed and a new question will be posted.

3.) The following morning after each question closes; we will select the top four (4) comments and post them for the public to vote on. The comment receiving the most votes during the voting period wins the prize!

Tip: If you’re comment is selected, use the “Share this” buttons on the blog post to share the post with your friends on social media!

Additional Rules

Only one entry per person per question. But feel free to enter for as many questions as you like.

• Questions with an (*) next to it are exclusively for current Pure TalkUSA customers only. However anyone (including non-customers) can vote. For the other questions, anyone is eligible.

• All prize phones come equipped with free Pure TalkUSA SIM cards. We reserve the right to change the phone prize with a comparable model.

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35 thoughts on “Question #3: 2012 Great Holiday Giveaway

  1. rosareee

    Something fun with my family with $1000.00. hum….My husband loves to white water raft, I have never done it, would take a trip to Tennessee and white water raft with my husband, because I love him and also why not,fear has kept me from doing this in past, no longer, I will have fun.

  2. sharif26

    Well, as I got married this year and also came to USA with my wife for the very first time, I would love to travel some states with my wife!

  3. brian doucette

    I think with an extra $1000 we would have to plan something real fun. We lg ve camping and usually go to some MN state parks in the summer. With $1000 i would plan a camping trip to Yellowstone Park. We would drive out and see The Black Hills, Mount Rushmore and Reptile Gardens. We would also do some Geocaching on the way.

  4. Christine Harris

    With an extra $1000 I would take my husband, son and daughter-in-law on a weekend getaway to a cabin in the mountains. No technology at all. Just to see if we’d kill each other without it!

  5. Mike

    We are still using our old television, big, bulky, and heavy. picture quality of this old television is not good, particularly as we have been comparing it with other people’s digital televisions. Quite honestly, if we get this amount, with all of the sales going on, we would love to buy one of these newer digital televisions.

  6. Hedy

    we have an old 1996 clunker of a car. It is barely getting us from point A to point B. We have spent ungodly amount of money on repair and upkeep of thing, as we have had a limited budget, because my husband has been in and out of jobs. With this money, and trading our old clunker, we can get a newer and more reliable car.

  7. Dawn Rios

    We could put a downpayment on a new car for my husband. He drives the stinkmobile with over 200,000 miles! Yuck!

  8. Erin

    My husband, daughters, and son-in-law would don Christmas hats and red sweaters and pass out new warm socks and gloves to the homeless under the freeway bridges and in the streets of our city. Then, we can go to the local shelter with new, fun toothbrushes and super hero underwear for the kids. If there were money leftover, we would just pass out random $20 bills. Then, with empty pockets and full hearts, we would return home for popcorn and wassail, and we’d watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
    Heck. maybe we won’t even wait for the extra $1000.

  9. Katrina Willard

    We would rent a family size cabin in the Smoky Mountains for Christmas. One with a beautiful view of the mts. We have always wanted to do this.

  10. Diana Davis

    I would love too take my daughter, her husband and my grandson to Disney World. My grandson is autistic and gets so excited when he see’s Disney characters. He can talk but he repeats only the things that excites him. So it would be so much fun just watching the excitement on his little face.

  11. William Sells

    We so thankful for being able to come up with the resources to buy a new house. We live on a lake , which was our retirement dream, but, my wife developed Parkinsons and recently had a knee replaced. She doesn’t walk well or handle the hills and steps we have on the lake so, we have to move. The $1000 would help with allowing us to have more funds for the house.

  12. Barbara

    My family is volunteering to help set up a holiday party for foster youth on Friday. It would be SERIOUSLY fun to bring along some useful and more expensive gifts that could be distributed at the party on Saturday!

  13. Chris

    With $1000 I would take us on the honeymoon we never took. We were pretty broke when we were married 2 years ago and are both full-time students now. At the time we were married at my husband’s parent’s house and had the reception there – all paid for by us. My mother-in-law made the food, we had boxes of wine and celebrated with friends and family.
    With $1000 I would surprise my husband and we would take a week off of school and go to someplace fun like Niagara Falls or Florida – anyplace where we could actually spend time together!

  14. Kathy Mac Donald

    My remaining family is small, and widely-scattered – my elderly mother lives in New York, my brother lives in Florida, and my daughter and grandchildren have moved to Ohio for employment. I have not seen my mother or brother in person in over twelve years, and I only get to see my daughter and grandchildren briefly, once or twice a year. Everyone has health issues or work requirements which prevent us from getting together physically…

    If I had a “spare” $1000, I would get each of us an inexpensive wi-fi tablet, download VOIP “group video chat” onto each one, and send one to my mother, brother and daughter, so that we could all “get together” to video chat, and stay in each others’ lives more…

  15. William

    I would give 1/4 to my 80+ year old Mother and Father, as a reward for still being here this Holiday Season. I’d give 1/4 to my sister, for all of her help with our parents. I’d give 1/4 to my children, to spend on their children hopefully. The rest would go for a party for friends and family, because all the money in the world couldn’t buy what they give us for free everyday, love.

  16. kathleen ladra

    I would buy groceries for the hungry in our town. Unemployment is high and it is tough, so many people are jobless and this is a hard time of year to do without. Food is always a comfort for some. Some of the elderly patients are lonely and I would visit them and give them gifts. It is more blessed to give than receive. 1000.00 would help a lot of folks in this time of need. I am truly blessed to have my health and a wonderful man that loves and helps take care of me.

  17. luxiao

    I would buy an all-in-one washing machine for my mother since the one she uses is a really old one from 25 years ago which requires a lot of effort to do the laundry. Hopefully it would release her from the heavy daily house chores a little bit. Making my mothers life easier is the most fun thing I can think of. God bless all the mothers!

  18. Tricia Knell

    When my 8 year old son was going through his chemo treatments, a friend from church contacted their family in Jerusalem to make a pilgrimage to the wailling wall on his behalf and pray for him to be cured. My son’s only request was that when he got better, he wanted to make the trip himself to visit the place where so many millions of people prayed for him to get better. I would use the $1000 to help pay for the trip to take him there.

  19. Melissa Cunningham

    With $1,000 I would take my Dad to Nashville. As a young man right out of high school ( early 70’s) he drove straight through from his rural WV home. When he got there, the Grand ole Opry was sold out for the evening, so he listened to it on the radio in a nearby parking lot. After the broadcast was over, he simply turned around and headed for home, vowing one day to return. He has never made it, but $1000 would go along way in getting him there…..and an added bonus he has a 12 year old grandson that shares his Papaw’s love of classic country to enjoy the adventure with him.

  20. Mary Jayne Bush

    Take $1,000, not a lot of money but a significant amount nevertheless.
    First call in to the few family member I have left with the news. We are going to rent a cabin for a nite and tell family stories ( like living history) . Knowing my family we will be at it all nite long. The flickering light of a fireplace, warm coffee, pizza and ice cream all the while.
    We love to add “one more story” to our agenda and this would be it.

  21. Adrien Beatty

    If I had a 1,000 to spend with my family I would make sure our car was fixed, We need all new tires now, heating and air need to be fixed, out tail light is out and well we could always use gas money to get around. We rely on our vehicle to get my children around to much needed appointments and school. If we had money left over we would take a trip to the ocean, have a bite to eat and watch the sunset together.

  22. Kenneth Keith Crouch

    I have committed to adopting a family thru the United Christmas Fund this next year. The money would go to an account to earn interest and I would spend it giving a needy family a good holiday season.

  23. Heidi

    Our family has been considering buying a cow, to add diversity to our market garden. That’s probably what I would do with $1,000.

    1. Cheryl Florence

      My 94 year old mother is in an assisted living so with $1,000 I could pay her rent for part of the month to help her and surprise her.

  24. Nancy Robins

    With an extra $100. I could buy the kids and my 2 sisters a phone and set them up with puretak. Just to show them they can.t hide from me or tell me they don.t have minutes. LOL

  25. Kathleen Lang

    I would have the money to help my Grandson’s new family. He has a beautiful lady in his life with three adorable little girls. And also my first Great-Grandson, Emmett. They need all the help they can get with four little ones! I am truly Blessed as they are.

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