Question #5: 2012 Great Holiday Giveaway



Pure TalkUSA wants to make the holidays a little happier for all of our loyal customers and fans!

For our 2012 Great Holiday Giveaway, we’re giving away some great prizes between now and Christmas. And if you give us good enough reason, one of the winners could be you!


Question #5:

Do you have a friend or family member that should be at the top of Santa’s “Nice” list? Tell us why and we’ll give both of you new smartphones and four (4) free months of Pure TalkUSA’s Unlimited Plus cell phone service.

This question closes on December 20 at 11:59 pm ET


Two (2) LG CU920 VU™ feature phones, each with three (3) free months of Pure TalkUSA’s Unlimited Plus plan


Question #1 (Favorite Holiday Memory) – Davis Bush

Question #2 (Most Thankful) – Crystal Barnes

Question #3 (Family Fun) – Melissa Cunningham

Question #4 (Favorite Holiday Traditions) – VOTE HERE


Here’s how the contest works…

1.) After midnight on each of the following days: Dec. 11, Dec. 13*, Dec. 15, Dec. 17, Dec. 19, and Dec. 21, we will post a holiday-themed question on at the top of this page, each of which is associated with its own prize. There may be additional prize giveaways throughout the period (so make sure you check either our blog or our Facebook page daily).

2.) To enter the contest, simply answer the question using 125 words or less in the comments section of this post. You have until 11:59 p.m. on the day after the question is posted (48 hours). After which, that question will be closed and a new question will be posted.

3.) The following morning after each question closes; we will select the top four (4) comments and post them for the public to vote on. The comment receiving the most votes during the voting period wins the prize!

Tip: If you’re comment is selected, use the “Share this” buttons on the blog post to share the post with your friends on social media!

Additional Rules

Only one entry per person per question. But feel free to enter for as many questions as you like.

• Questions with an (*) next to it are exclusively for current Pure TalkUSA customers only. However anyone (including non-customers) can vote. For the other questions, anyone is eligible.

• All prize phones come equipped with free Pure TalkUSA SIM cards. We reserve the right to change the phone prize with a comparable model.

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17 thoughts on “Question #5: 2012 Great Holiday Giveaway

  1. beingblind

    my husband has an elcheapo phone but actually works well – i have a Samsung phone i hate and even crappier service – my husband rarely gets anything new because we have 4 little girls we could definatley use them to communicate since he is the stay at home parent

  2. shaunie

    Myself and my brother… I’m tired of using someone else’s phone … and my friends phone just broke (by accident and is now looking for a new one)… it hard to keep in touch with so many important things we need to discuss on a daily basis.

  3. Richard Fisher

    my wife just gave her first sermon at church last week (good as you can get in my oppinion). She plays the piano once a month so the pastors wife can take a break. She gives generously to charities including the local animal shelter. As a nurse she often helps the sick and elderly with food, and medical treatment. This week she is taking a very low income person out to buy him new clothes. She provides free weight managment and exercise classes to those who cannot afford one. We are not giving gifts to each other this year, instead will be helping others with that money.

  4. Kathleen Lang

    My sister, Jeanne and my neice Sheri Ann. I went from NC to CA in Oct. for a family birthday. I got very sick and ended up in the urgent care and then a week later, the hospital. I was admitted for a week with pneumonia. My neice, Sheri Ann took care of me after I was released. When I was released to fly home to NC, my sister Jeanne flew from NV to CA to fly with me, back home to NC, as I still wasn’t strong enough to tackle the flight home, alone. My sister stayed 6 weeks with me, to help me recuperate. Both of these ladies need to be at the top of Santa’s List. Please make it happen for them.

  5. Katrina Willard

    My friends Rebekah has always been a graet friend to me. Even though she is way older then me, she has always done things with me. She lives in Iowa now, and I miss her a lot. We still stay in contact mostly on Facebook.

  6. Jackie Riley

    At the top of Santa’s nice list, one would most assuredly find my best friend, and husband Denny. Denny never fails to help those in need. Angel trees, needy senior citizens, all benefit from his caring heart. So many times, without even asking he has donated time, monetary and just support to those in need. He does so quietly, never boastful of the wonderful actions he bestows on others. For this, I would love for the chance to give him a new phone; maybe the Christmas spirit that he so freely shares year round. could be returned to him. Thank you!

  7. kathleen ladra

    My boyfriend, he is most amazing person I have ever met. He is a friend to all who he meets and is the most loving soul. If you ever need anything he is right there, dropping what he has to do and helping others giving his all. We both work in the health care field and it was a perfect choice for us both. He even gives donuts and coffee to the refuge men at christmas time. He never ever asks for help from others, and is always very giving and loving. He has an older phone and I would love to give him a newer model rather than the dinosaur phone he has. He is most definately on the top of Santa’s List.

  8. Kathleen Dozeman

    I am so proud of my husband, Kieran Dozeman! An e-mail was sent from a long-time customer of where he works in regards to him. Part of his job entails customer service and the e-mail was praising him for being such an exceptional employee with a great attitude! I respect you Kieran Dozeman!

  9. crystal tucker

    my sister and i could really use this. a few months ago, we found out that our mom has liver cancer. i live 700 miles away and my sister is a nurse. she has been taking most of the burden with doctor appointments, nursing home and hospice arrangements, besides taking care of her family and work. we call often to keep up-to-date and i have traveled, much as this might be the last holidays to spend together.

    having the new phones and free service would mean we could talk, text and send pics/videos more often. besides, it probably isn’t like her current phone that puts me on mute with just a touch all the time. it would be a real blessing. thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  10. Kerry Franken

    My huband & I both in our 50’s have never owned a cell phone , I would like one but he does not want anything to do with them. I see a need for one as we get older for driving and being able to keep in contact with each other as he has an elderly mother who has been in and out of the hospital as of late.

    I also think that a cell phone would be nice for a whole array of reasons such as online banking, text messaging, quick messaging to our children , apps, gps and on and on.

    Our daughter and son both have Smartphones and it really is amazing the things that can be done with them.

    If I won two of these then I think my husband and I could learn how to use the cell phones together.

    Happy Holidays

  11. Pamela Hansen

    My fiance deserves this after 30 years apart we recently reunited and despite my disability he fell in love with me again has stood by me through 2 hour drives to VA appts tests and etc and said no matter what he will be with me through it all

  12. Barbara

    My Aunt Mimi should be at the top of Santa’s “Nice” list. In addition to foregoing a promising career (a few decades ago now) to raise her delightful son, she has for a couple decades now volunteered with a CASA program to assure children heading to and in the foster care system have as much care and love as can be provided when a child becomes a ward of the state. She is the most Christian of ‘Christians’ I know, and her love and care helps me understand why people would still care to be associated with folks who are putting such a sad, hurtful name to that moniker.

  13. Davis Bush

    I know a saint (or should be). I could describe a myriad of good things she had done.
    It is both her employment as a medical assistant and her life as the most caring person I know. Lifestyle, not a compendium of deeds makes this woman worthy to be the A#1 on Santas list. She lives human compassion and will give her time with glee and without concern for her own needs which somehow comes in second to others. Even her smile would melt the heart of any grinch or scrooge. As a Santa helper she would probably scratch off all those on his naughty list just to say that this year they will be better.
    She is a winner at heart.

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