Question #6: 2012 Great Holiday Giveaway



Pure TalkUSA wants to make the holidays a little happier for all of our loyal customers and fans!

For our 2012 Great Holiday Giveaway, we’re giving away some great prizes between now and Christmas. And if you give us good enough reason, one of the winners could be you!


Question #6:

Are you looking forward to 2013? Tell us why and what you hope the New Year will bring to you.

This question closes on December 22 at 11:59 pm ET


$100 gift card


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Question #5  (Phone For A Friend)  – Jackie Riley

Question #6 (New Year’s Expectations) –  Cass Calogera


Here’s how the contest works…

1.) After midnight on each of the following days: Dec. 11, Dec. 13*, Dec. 15, Dec. 17, Dec. 19, and Dec. 21, we will post a holiday-themed question on at the top of this page, each of which is associated with its own prize. There may be additional prize giveaways throughout the period (so make sure you check either our blog or our Facebook page daily).

2.) To enter the contest, simply answer the question using 125 words or less in the comments section of this post. You have until 11:59 p.m. on the day after the question is posted (48 hours). After which, that question will be closed and a new question will be posted.

3.) The following morning after each question closes; we will select the top four (4) comments and post them for the public to vote on. The comment receiving the most votes during the voting period wins the prize!

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Additional Rules

Only one entry per person per question. But feel free to enter for as many questions as you like.

• Questions with an (*) next to it are exclusively for current Pure TalkUSA customers only. However anyone (including non-customers) can vote. For the other questions, anyone is eligible.

• All prize phones come equipped with free Pure TalkUSA SIM cards. We reserve the right to change the phone prize with a comparable model.

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37 thoughts on “Question #6: 2012 Great Holiday Giveaway

  1. Tara E.

    2012 was a very difficult year for me. I am so looking forward to the “clean slate” of a new year! Excited for what God has in store for my family and me!

  2. Pam Webb Kight

    A time to forget the many mistakes I have made in the past and move forward to be there for my family and friends. I have a large loving family. They all have big hearts. We were raised to always try to help those in need. Everywhere you look there is always someone who needs a helping hand. I am going to try to do better this year with my time than I did in 2012. I want to tell people about our Lord Jesus Christ. I know him as my Savior but there are so many that do not. If I can tell one person and they would accept Him as their Savior that would be keeping them from spending eternity in hell.

  3. Davis Bush

    I want to be the first post to wish everyone a safe and sane and happy new year.
    May family and friends bring you joy every day. May God shed his light upon you.
    It is our duty to overcome difficulties that life brings us and see the great things that are there just for viewing. Stand up and discard the doom and gloom prevalent in the media and be the one who brings happiness. The new year will be wonderful.. watch out-
    I may shake your hand or hug you ” just because”

  4. debi affrunti

    Im Hoping that 2013 will be better than the past 3 Years. As always I wish my Family and friends Happiness and heath This year Im hoping these Doctors find something to help be with this pain everyday from the car accident even though they say Im going to have to deal with it for the rest of my life I m hoping they can help Hope everyone has a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year

  5. ashlie johnson

    I am looking forward to 2013,my son will be turning 3 and I am sure it will bring lots of new adventures.

  6. Jill

    I’m looking forward to 2013 in hopes that the new year will bring better health for myself and happiness for all my friends and family.

  7. Bee Mayes (@barbieQ2U)

    I am welcoming a new grandson into the world next February, and my hopes are that he be healthy and perfect. Also hoping for good health and happiness for me and my family. I am looking forward to getting more active in the new year, and I believe Santa will bring me the Schwinn Bike I have been dreaming of!

  8. Mike Woodard

    I would like to save more money by getting out of debt. Using my Pure Talk phones helps me in reaching this goal!

  9. Jamie Larimore

    I’m looking forward to 2013. I would like to lose weight and take an online class at Deanza next fall. I’m hoping for good health and happiness for my family in the new year!

  10. Heather Chupp

    Our oldest child is graduating in 2013. I’m looking forward to seeing what is in store for this new part of his life journey and making the adjustments to him being away from home!

  11. Dawn Rios

    I am hoping for 2013 my Jan 4th follow up mammogram turns up negative. I had one a few weeks ago and they found something possibly, this is for a more closeup look. Scary…

  12. kathleen ladra

    Looking forward to 2013 with Great Expections. Happiness breeds happiness, smiles makes more smiles, and laughter promotes more laughter. I am a firm beleiver that you get back what you give out with ten folds. I want to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Remember those who are in need and help others. I hope 2013 will bring a wedding and much well deserved happiness for my soul mate and I.

  13. Kellie Rose Wilson

    New year, new start, new opportunities..
    can’t wait to see what it has in store for me.
    Hopefully a move to a bigger city..
    a new job, a new car, something pretty!

  14. yarden amsalem

    my name is Yarden and I am a freshman student at Dowling college, NY. I came all the way from Israel to play collegiate volleyball but unfortunately, I got into a bad car accident a month after the seasonhas begun, and actually not have been playing ubtil today.for 2013 I wish to be after the hard and long rehab process so I could put this life trauma behind me and go back to play my favorite in the world.

  15. Melissa Cunningham

    The contemplation of the future is never far from one’s mind. As 2013 dawns, I look forward to: embracing life the best that I can. I hope to focus more on positive, and less of negativity. I look forward to being content with what I have, and learning that being humble is one of the greatest assets a person could possess. I have learned that the love of family and friends is far better than riches of material worth- so in 2012 draws to a close- I look forward to spending time with my Earthly Riches– All the family and friends that I dearly love. …Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  16. Jason Cunningham

    In 2013 I look forward to many things. My son will be turning 13, and I can not wait to see him embrace and embark on new adventures as a teenager. He is my greatest blessing, and my life has truly been worthwhile, because of him. So in 2013 I look forward to seeing him change and grow, and he walks the crazy path to adulthood.

  17. Katrina Willard

    I am looking forward to 2013. I’m ready to start 10th grade and work hard to do all my homework and writing assignments. I’m also looking forward to having another year with a great church family. My cousin also is going to have her first baby in March. :)

  18. Katrina Willard

    I am looking forward to 2013. I’m ready to start 10th grade and work hard to do all my homework and writing assignments. I am also looking forward to having another year with a great church family. My cousin also is going to have her first baby in March. :)

  19. Kristen

    First of all, I just wanted to say merry Christmas everyone! In 2013, I really just want one thing. I want my family together. We have been separated for so long now. I miss them so much. So I hope and pray God will bring us back together again. I also wish that things can be more peaceful in this world. There’s been so much violence. Its really sad. That’s really all I wish for.

  20. Jaime lassiter

    Well i have learned you can NEVER say next year will be better! So i just want to say, i have been tested a lot this year and i think something big must be coming. I cant say i am ready for it yet, but i hope i am… i know things happen for a reason and this week my step daughter and i have had some really great moments, in spite of her losing her mom and her dad being in the hospital. We have hugged and talked more than we ever have! It has been really nice! I would love for our relationship to keep blooming! She knows now, that i really do care and am here for her, so here is to a new year!!!!

  21. Randy A

    I hope the new year will bring a world in which children to go to school and play outside without fear, a world full of peace, a world where no child goes to bed hungry, a world where child abuse is non existent, a world where people are nice to each other (despite their differences).

  22. Randy A

    I hope the new year will bring a world in which children can go to school and play outside without fear, a world full of peace, a world where no child goes to bed hungry, a world where child abuse is non existent, a world where people are nice to each other (despite their differences).

  23. Alexandra Johnson

    I am really looking forward to 2013. I hope the New Year will have change for the better. I hope children can feel safe at school and we get out of debt. Peace love & happiness for everyone.

  24. Ashley Brassell

    In 2013 I am looking forward to growth in my family. My children are growing and our health as a family is getting better. In 2013 I hope to lose another 100lbs to improve on my long term health goals.

  25. Richard Holt

    I hope for 2013 to remain on the right side of the grass. I have enjoyed a good life with an awesome family and great friends. I hope to spend all of 2013 enjoying them. I am sure there will be some adversity as always in life. But, Hey evebody can still have a great life. Give me my family to love me and my friends that will be there no matter what.
    That’s all you really need and I hope not only me but everybody gets this for 2013.



  27. Barbara

    I hope and plan for more opportunities to share/teach NVC (Nonviolent Communication) so that more people have the skills and knowledge to have more harmony in their lives and more peace in their hearts; to help us to meet our own beautiful human needs, and to see how even painful actions others take are attempts to meet their beautiful human needs.

  28. rosareee

    I hope for me in 2013 a better year with my health. I have had a lot of medical issues in 2012 and gained weight back plus more that I had loss. I want to be heathier. I was born 2 and 1/2 months premature and have always had immune and health problems. Two years ago I found out I had a hole in my heart. I had a heart cath to check it out, The Dr said it is okay for now but if I don’t lose weight I will need to have this surgery and it is risky. So for 2013 I want better health, to lose weight and not have to have heart surgery.

  29. Cass Calogera

    2013 promises to be such an exciting year for me! The last few years have been tough career-wise. However with strength and determination, I’ve made it through and will be finishing up my masters degree in health administration. Hopefully I will be able to help others navigate the waters of what can be a complicated health care system. My dream is to build a career that will mean something after I retire, and doing work that benefits others is where it starts. Another goal of mine is to become better with managing my money. By switching over to Pure Talk for my cell phone service, I already have a head start!

  30. Gaurav

    Long list of Hopes
    Firstly and most important want the better health for whole world. May God give some wisdom and the world can find some peace.

    For me I want to be more healthy and want to spend money to give my nears and dears more happiness

  31. Nancy Robins

    This year has been my worst ever, so one side of the brain says “It’s got to be over” Life has to get better!” I was self employed but new property owners had only greed in there hearts and took the business away. 55 years old is not a good time to have to job search, and with the economy in the shape it’s in, It looked hopeless. Than I look around and know I’m not the only one that has it bad. It really scares me to think that 2013 can actually be so much worst.
    So do I look forward to 2013, It scares the heck out of me.

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