Spring (Budget) Clean Up


Everyone is used to the phrase “spring cleaning.”  Typically, this invokes images of someone dragging their rugs outside, scrubbing floors, dusting behind/underneath furniture, and finally getting around to cleaning those fan blades and light fixtures.  Some people love it, and others (myself included) loathe it; either way, we do it (or at least think about doing it).

But, perhaps we should focus on cleaning up another part of the household that often grows messy over time….the family budget!

Time to Clean up your Budget!

Let Pure TalkUSA help you scrub your budget!

I don’t know about you, but my family’s expenses change relatively often.  Maybe not month-to-month, but definitely every 3-4 months.  We might enroll the kids in a new program, have another end, have school or childcare expenses change (one of the best things about summer break? No bus/lunch expenses for school!! Yippee!), find that we’ve finished paying for something or that we have a new something to pay for (yes, new hot water heater, I’m looking at you). At this point, if we want to stick to a budget or know what our expenses are each month, it is important to sit down and review our budget to discover if it is still accurate and, more importantly, if there is any way we can trim it.

That’s where Pure TalkUSA comes in.

We all know that Pure TalkUSA is less expensive than contract phone companies, so I won’t focus on that here.  However, I will provide you with a scenario that might make the other benefits of this service – the flexibility – more evident:

Susie and her husband used Contract Company for their cell phone service and have no home phone, choosing instead to save that money.  Susie uses her phone fairly often, but not loads, and finds that her usage fluctuates from month-to-month.  She typically averages about 400 minutes/month, but at times has used only 300 and has also had months as high as 800.  Her husband uses his phone (and iPhone®) for work and also texts quite a bit, so they have an Unlimited Family Plan with a minimum amount of data (for his email) totaling $135/month plus taxes/fees.  

Unfortunately, Susie’s husband lost his job. While he was fortunate enough to find another job, this change forced them to reevaluate their spending.  They decide to trim some fat on their wireless bill.

Enter Pure TalkUSA.  Susie and her husband decide to start off with the Family Flex Plan and set their limit at $50 (756  minutes, plus an additional 50 minutes for the second line = 806 minutes).  Remember, they will only be charged the full $50 if they need all of these minutes, and will be charged in increments of $10 as they need them.  Both choose to use their current GSM phones, and Susie’s husband just uses his iPhone with WiFi when accessing the Web.

Susie and her husband find they are using almost all of their 806 minutes each month, so they switch her husband to Unlimited ($39.95) and set her limit at $40/month (551 minutes).  Susie starts building up some rollover minutes, and usually only hits $30 on the Flex Plan (making their bill about $69.95 each month).  She decides to tell some friends about Pure TalkUSA, and both she and her husband refer 3 friends.  This gives Susie an additional 606 minutes and her husband a $30 credit towards their cell phone bill!!  With the extra minutes, Susie trims her budget to $20/month, making their combined bill $59.95 each month.  Since they are trying to save for a vacation, Susie’s husband decides to switch back to the Flex Plan for 2 months, and refers 3 more friends.  For 2 months, their bill totals only $30/month, allowing them to put away a little extra for a trip.

Susie and her husband are excited about the flexibility to switch plans as often as needed (without losing any built-up rollover minutes) and about getting great Referral Rewards!  Now their goal is to refer a total of 30 new customers so Susie can get an iPad®, but she might settle for an Amazon Kindle® at 10 Referrals!

Think about Susie and her husband when making decisions about your budget and your wireless needs.  With very little change to their usage, they were able to save an average of $100+ a month (when factoring service and taxes/fees) and even more when they really wanted to.  Consider what you are currently paying for your phone service and then ask yourself how Pure TalkUSA can save you money.  Between cutting your monthly bill, the ability to switch from plan to plan AND the minutes/credits/items you can earn with our Referral Rewards program, it’s time to clean up your budget and switch your service to Pure TalkUSA!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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