What costly mistake did Tim Tebow make in his #nocontract Super Bowl ad?


If you watched this year’s much-hyped Super Bowl commercials, you probably saw that the ever popular Tim Tebow, former quarterback for the New York Jets and Denver Broncos, has joined the #nocontract cell phone revolution and was even tapped to do an ad for T-Mobile.

We guess that with all of the extra time he had this past season, it only made sense that he took the time to evaluate his finances and see where he can save some money — and going #nocontract for your cell phone service is certainly one way to do that. To him we say, “Good for you, Tim! Getting rid of your cell phone plan contract is definitely the way to go!”


But we think Mr. Tebow may have “messed up” and made a costly mistake. Not in his commercial performance (which was great, by the way) — but with the company he chose to go with.

If in between saving puppies and starting a rock band, he did just a little bit more research, he probably would have found that Pure TalkUSA would have saved him even more money! (See the comparison chart.)

Well, we have good news, Tim. You’re not on a contract anymore so you can give Pure TalkUSA a try any time you’d like. We’ve even got a free SIM card waiting for you when you’re ready!


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