What in the world makes Candy Crush Saga one of the best smartphone games?


Posted by: Chris
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Why do so many people love to play Candy Crush Saga?

Why do so many people love to play Candy Crush Saga?

I have a question for you readers — What in the world is so addictive about Candy Crush Saga? What makes it one of the best smartphone apps, as it is commonly billed?

Right now, you’re either thinking, “What is Candy Crush Saga?” Or if you’ve played the game before, you probably have at least two or three good explanations ready. For those in the former category, allow me to give you a little back ground.

Candy Crush Saga is one of the all-time most popular smartphone apps on the planet. About 45 million people play Candy Crush on Facebook each month, making it the social network’s most popular game. It’s the top-grossing and most downloaded mobile game on both Android and Apple smartphones. Candy Crush (created by King, a British game developer) brings in nearly $250 million a year — a quarter of a billion dollars!

Relationships have neared the verge of collapse because one party pays more attention to this game than the other party. (OK, I’m talking about myself. And maybe collapse is a strong word. But if my wife, Jeanna, doesn’t get it together and put the game down, I may need to schedule an addiction intervention.)

candy-crush-saga-screen-2At Jeanna’s request, I’ve actually tried to play the game a couple times. Maybe I’m not that bright, but I just don’t get the

fun in it. From what I understand, the object is to move around pieces of brightly colored candy on a grid in order to line up three of the same type in a row. If Candyland and Tetris met, fell in love, and had a child, it would be this game.

Once you’ve lined up enough candy on your grid, you advance your level and aligning the candies becomes increasingly more difficult. But here’s the cash catch — while there’s no initial charge to download Candy Crush Saga or to start the game, you only get five chances (or “lives”) to complete each level in a timely fashion. If you use up all of your life before clearing a level, you’re kicked out of the game for 30 minutes before you can try again. Orrrrr, you can cough up 99 cents to buy more lives so that you can carry on playing. (You know, while your hand is still hot.)

You can even beg your fellow addicted friends on Facebook to send you a spare life, hence the social element. I know this because my timeline is littered with requests for Candy Crush Saga lives by everyone from my favorite professor in college to my teenage niece.

Again, I just don’t get what the draw is. Do you play? Of all the different smartphone games out there, what makes this one so much fun?

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