PureTalk USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Pure TalkUSA?

Looking for a flexible, no contract, cheap cell phone plan? Look no further. If you want cell phone service but don't want to sign a contract, or if you don't want to spend a fortune on your cell phone plan, Pure TalkUSA is for you. If you are looking for a senior cell phone plan, and don't want to pay for extras, Pure TalkUSA is perfect. If your son or daughter needs a phone for keeping in touch with you and sending occasional text messages, Pure TalkUSA is the answer.

Who is Pure TalkUSA?

Pure TalkUSA is a nationwide provider of low cost cell phone plans with no contract - simple plans to fit today's budget. It operates using the largest family of GSM network service providers in the country. Pure TalkUSA's plans have no restrictions and no extra fees. There is something for everyone at Pure TalkUSA. With low cost plans, we can fit your needs AND your budget.

How do I activate my Pure TalkUSA service?

To activate your Pure TalkUSA service, you may do so here.

You may also activate your service by calling customer service at 1-877-707-8667.

Can I check my minute balance from my phone?

Yes, if you are on the Simple or Family you can dial *777*1# from your Pure TalkUSA phone and your minute balance will be displayed. This service is free of charge.

How do I set up my voicemail?

To set up your voicemail, press and hold the number one key. This will autodial your voicemail and then follow the voice prompts to set up your voicemail.

Does Pure TalkUSA have a rewards/loyalty program?

Yes, Pure TalkUSA rewards our loyal customers through our Tell-A-Friend program. Tell-A-Friend about Pure TalkUSA and receive either 202 FREE BONUS ROLLOVER minutes or $10 credit towards your monthly charges depending on what plan you are on at time of redemption! It's Simple: Give all your friends your Pure TalkUSA phone number and have them enter it upon ordering. Once their order is placed, you will earn the rewards the following month. There is no limit on how many friends you refer, so Tell-A-Friend — tell ALL of your friends!

Can I keep my existing number?

Yes! Place your order just like normal. When you call Customer Service to activate your new Pure TalkUSA service, simply tell us to activate your new Pure Talk SIM or phone and we'll start the process of porting your number to your Pure TalkUSA Service. You will be notified when the porting process is complete.

How do I pay my bill every month?

A credit card or debit card is required to purchase your Pure TalkUSA service. Each month your payment card on file will be charged for the current's month service and your account will be updated. You will be emailed a copy of your invoice each month and your account detail can be viewed anytime by logging in through the Pure TalkUSA web site.

Is the Pure TalkUSA service good nationwide?

Yes. You can be sure that your Pure TalkUSA service will work on the nationwide GSM network. There are NEVER any roaming or long distance charges. See the "Coverage Map" tab on this site for more details.

Can I send/receive text messages (SMS) on the Simple and Family plans?

Yes, text messages are deducted from your minute balance per incoming and outgoing text message. Three SMS messages equal one minute of talk time. SMS messages will be deducted from your monthly minute balance.

Can I send/receive picture messages (MMS) with Pure TalkUSA?

Pure TalkUSA offers Unlimited MMS with the $35.00 Unlimited Plus plan and Unlimited MMS with the $29.00 Unlimited Plus plan. With the Simple and Family plans you will need to add a data package for $9.95 to send/receive MMS messages.

Does Pure TalkUSA offer International calling and text messages?

Yes, Pure TalkUSA has international calling and texting available. To make international calls from your Pure TalkUSA phone, you will need to purchase one of our International Calling cards. With the Unlimited Plus plans, you will only be allowed to use International voice once you have added our International Calling card. International SMS is not available on the Unlimited Plus plans. With the Simple and Family plans you will be able to use International talk and text once you have added the International Calling card . International text messages are 25¢ per text message. Rates are subject to change.

How do I know if my phone is unlocked or compatible?

If your phone was through the following carriers, it is not compatible. Verizon/Alltel, Boost, Sprint/Nextel, MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile, Page Plus. If your existing phone was used with T-Mobile, TracFone, Net10 or other GSM providers, it will have to be unlocked to work with our services. To check to see if it is unlocked, simply place a different type of SIM chip in it. The phone will show that SIM carrier on your phone if your phone is unlocked. If your phone is AT&T or Cingular, our SIM chip should be compatible.

What is a SIM starter kit?

Pure TalkUSA offers a SIM starter kit that gives you the standard, micro and nano SIM card all in one. No more guessing if you are ordering the right size SIM, we will give them all to you! As far as function, there is no difference between the two SIM cards. The only real difference is the size. The size of the micro-SIM (12x15 mm) is about a half of a regular SIM card (15x25mm). If you are using your own handset, please be sure to check which card you will need. SIM card purchases are non-refundable.

Do you have any Family Plans?

Pure TalkUSA offers a Friends & Family Discount. Save up to 15% on your monthly bill. With lines 1-3 you receive 10% off total monthly bill. Lines 1-4 receive 15% off the total monthly bill. Learn more (link to friends and family page).

Do you have mobile to mobile minutes on any Pure TalkUSA plans?

No, Pure TalkUSA does not offer any mobile to mobile minutes. All incoming and outgoing calls use airtime.

Once I place my order online, how soon will my order ship?

Please allow up to 48 hours (Excluding weekends and holidays) for your order to ship. We ship via USPS and FedEx. We have three shipping methods to choose from. You will select your shipping method during check out.

Standard Shipping - USPS Parcel Post - 7-10 business days - FREE
Expedited Shipping - FedEx 2Day® - 2 business days - $29.95
Express Shipping - FedEx Standard Overnight® - 1 business day - $58.95

What is your Return Policy?

There is a 14-day money back guarantee on all products. Please contact Pure TalkUSA Customer Service at 877-820-7873 to cancel your account and receive your RMA number. You must have an RMA number to return handsets and receive a refund. After 14 days, you may cancel your account at anytime but will not receive a refund on service or equipment. All SIM card purchases are non-refundable. Please verify which SIM card you need before purchasing. No refunds will be made on SIM card purchases.

Account balances are nontransferable and nonrefundable. We hate to see you go but if you must cancel, please do so before your anniversary date.

How do I contact Pure TalkUSA?

Pure TalkUSA proudly offers customer service right here in the U.S.A. You can reach Customer Service at customerservice@puretalkusa.com or by calling 877-820-7873. Hours of Customer Service are (EST):

M-F: 9AM - 6PM
Sat: 9AM - 6PM

For technical support or issues with your handset or handset order status call toll free: 877-599-8825.

What can I do with 2.5 GB of data?

The answer to that will depend on your handset and the nature of usage. In general, this plan is perfect for customers that will check and send email on a daily basis (remember that downloading attachments will use more data); do some Web surfing with little to no music/video streaming; and use a few apps for social media or other purposes. Keep in mind that handsets with WIFI capability are available; use WIFI instead of your data when in hotspots to save on usage!

How do I setup my phone to use data?

Please refer to our Phone Programming instructions to set up your handset.

Do my minutes rollover on the Simple plans?

No, minutes do not rollover on the Simple plans. You must pay your monthly service fee to keep an active line.