Pure TalkUSA

Phone Programming

Please follow our step-by-step instructions to program Internet and MMS settings for your phones. If you have any questions about programming your phones, please contact our customer service department at 877-820-7873.

General Settings

Internet Profile or Network Name:Pure Talk
Internet APN (Access Point Name):RESELLER
APN type:default,mms,supl
MMS Proxy Address:proxy.mobile.att.net
MMS port:80
Username:[leave it blank]
Password:[leave it blank]

Specific Settings

Apple iPhone™ / iOS Devices

To receive the Pure Talk APN settings for iPhone, please update your device to iOS 9 or higher. Once your device is on iOS 9, please install any Carrier Settings Update that appears on your phone when you connect to WiFi or iTunes.

To confirm if you have installed the latest Pure Talk settings, please go to Settings → General → About → Carrier should be Pure Talk 24.0 or higher. If it does not say Pure Talk and you do not receive the Carrier Settings Update from Apple, please contact our customer service department from a separate phone at 877-820-7873.