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SIM Starter Kit

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Already have a compatible unlocked phone? Replace your SIM card with a new Pure TalkUSA SIM card. Our triple punch SIM card comes with the standard, micro and nano SIM all in one card. Select the size you need and your phone will work great with any of our budget friendly mobiles plans. As a bonus we'll give you 150 free minutes* on your first month!

*The 150 bonus minutes do not apply to the Unlimited plans.

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Item Summary

SIM Starter Kit

  • 150 Bonus Minutes* on your first month
  • Works with any Pure TalkUSA Mobile Plan
  • Voicemail Included
Questions About SIM Cards
How do I activate my phone when my new card arrives?

To activate your Pure TalkUSA service, just visit our website and look for the Activate option. You may also activate your service by calling customer service at 1-877-707-8667.

Do I have to have a new SIM Card?

Yes. To use Pure TalkUSA services you must have a Pure TalkUSA SIM card installed in your handset. Any handset purchased from Pure TalkUSA will be shipped with the SIM card already installed.

How do I replace the SIM Card?

Once you receive your Pure TalkUSA SIM card, remove the back cover and battery from the phone. Find the current SIM card and remove it and then insert in your new Pure TalkUSA SIM card. Replace the back cover and battery before powering your phone back on. For iPhone users, you will need to visit Apple Support.

What is a SIM starter kit?

Pure TalkUSA offers a SIM starter kit that gives you the standard, micro and nano SIM card all in one. No more guessing if you are ordering the right size SIM, we will give them all to you! As far as function, there is no difference between the SIM cards. The only real difference is the size. The size of the micro SIM (12�15 mm) is about a half of a regular SIM card (15x25mm). The nano SIM card is smaller and thinner than the standard and micro SIM card. It measures 12.3 mm by 8.8 mm by 0.67 mm. If you are using your own handset, please be sure to check which card you will need. SIM card purchases are non-refundable.