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2016/02/01   Pure TalkUSA Offering Plan Discount with the purchase of iPhone 6s/6s Plus
2016/02/01   Pure TalkUSA Now Offering More Data/MMS on Many of Their Plans at No Added Cost


2015/11/01   Pure TalkUSA Has Partnered With Cell Phones For Soldiers To Provide Troops With Free Calls Home
2015/08/11   Pure TalkUSA Mobile Phone Products And Services Now Available In Sears & Kmart Stores Nationwide
2015/07/28   Pure TalkUSA Launches Special No-Contract Mobile Plans For America's Military Community, Teaming With Shop Your Way® And ID.Me
2015/05/26   Pure TalkUSA Offering Up To 17 Percent Discount On Unlimited Talk And Text Plans
2015/04/29   Pure TalkUSA Launches New Cell Phone Plan Bundle For Seniors
2015/01/12   Pure TalkUSA Now Offering Up to 23 Percent Increase in Family and Flex Plan Minutes at No Additional Cost


2014/12/18   Pure TalkUSA Offers Additional Data and Unlimited Talk, Text and MMS with Updated Plan
2014/11/12   Pure TalkUSA available at select Sears stores nationwide this holiday season
2014/10/20   Pure TalkUSA offers more data to Unlimited Plus Plan customers at same low price
2014/10/16   Pure TalkUSA partners with WWE®
2014/07/28   Pure TalkUSA gives expensive wireless bills two thumbs down
2014/07/22   Pure TalkUSA’s mobile phone service now available on Shop Your Way®
2014/06/11   Pure TalkUSA Launches Website Redesign


2013/10/08   Pure TalkUSA First to Offer Calling Plans with Data Rollover
2013/03/20   Pure TalkUSA Lowers Price Again for Unlimited Talk & Text Plan


2012/08/30   Pure TalkUSA Increases Data for Unlimited Plus+ Plan Users
2012/03/08   Pure TalkUSA Lowers Price for Unlimited Talk & Text Plan


2010/10/05   Pure TalkUSA to Lower Price on Unlimited Talk and Text No Contract Cell Phone Plans
2010/04/09   Pure TalkUSA Announces New Unlimited Talk & Text Plan


2009/09/16   Pure TalkUSA Named a 'Senior Advocate' by Senior Approved Services
2009/08/13   Pure TalkUSA Battles Recession with Free Handsets to Customers with No Contract

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2014/10/22   Pure TalkUSA Adds Data, Keeps Price
2013/10/22   Wireless carrier offers rollover data
2013/10/07   AT&T MVNO Pure Talk introduces rollover data plan