PureTalk USA

Pure TalkUSA Mobile Device Unlocking Policy

Pure TalkUSA complies with point number twelve of the CTIA Consumer Code with respect to the unlocking of mobile phones. Specifically, Pure TalkUSA adheres to the following principles regarding the ability of customers and former customers, and individual owners of eligible devices, to unlock phones that are locked by or at the direction of Pure TalkUSA.

  • Pure TalkUSA will post on its website a clear, concise, and readily accessible policy on mobile wireless device unlocking.
  • As a prepaid provider, Pure TalkUSA will, upon request, unlock Pure TalkUSA mobile phones no later than one year after initial activation, for customers that are in full compliance with Pure TalkUSA's Terms of Service.
  • Pure TalkUSA will, within two days of receiving an unlocking request, do one of the following: (i) unlock an eligible phone; (ii) initiate a request to the original equipment manufacturer to unlock an eligible phone; (iii) explain to the requesting customer why the phone is ineligible for unlocking; or (iv) offer a reasonable explanation as to why Pure TalkUSA needs more time to process the unlocking request.
  • For deployed military personnel who are in full compliance with Pure TalkUSA's Terms of Service, Pure TalkUSA will unlock mobile phones on receiving valid copies of deployment papers.

Note that devices that work on Pure TalkUSA's network may not be compatible with other carriers' networks due to the use of different frequencies and technologies to provide wireless network access. "Unlocking," as used herein, refers only to disabling of software prevents the activation of a device designed for Pure TalkUSA's network from being used on another carrier's technologically-compatible network, does not pertain to hardware changes, and does not guarantee that the Pure TalkUSA phone will be compatible with any particular carrier's network or that all functionality of the device can be enabled on any other network.