3 great reasons to have an unlocked GSM cell phone


Are you on the fence about whether to purchase an unlocked GSM cell phone? If so, here are three great reasons for you to

1. Use any service you like with any phone you that you want

With an unlocked GSM cell phone, you have the opportunity to bring your own phone to any service provider you choose. Of course, we recommend using Pure TalkUSA for its simple, affordable, no-contract, no-fee cell phone plans, but ultimately, the choice is yours. So whether you have your heart set on a new HTC One X, or even something a little less flashy, like the Alcatel OT-980 (which conveniently is Wi-Fi capable), as long as it’s unlocked, it will work with any GSM network service provider.

2. Save money when you travel internationally

If you ever plan on doing some sight seeing abroad, you will definitely want an unlocked GSM cell phone!

When it comes to finding phone service abroad, no network is more popular worldwide than the GSM network. When you travel to different countries with an unlocked GSM cell phone, all you have to do is purchase a SIM card from a local service provider, plug it into your phone, and you can take advantage of the local prices for making calls. You may end up only spending a few dollars instead of hundreds. Many people use this method so they don’t have to pay hefty international roaming fees.

3. Unlocked GSM cell phones are much more valuable than locked phones

With an unlocked GSM phone, you will have plenty of options to recoup the money you spent on it if you ever decide to sell it. You can pretty much sell it to anyone regardless of which GSM service provider they want to use. Thinking about upgrading to newer cell phone model? Plenty of online retailers, like Gazelle or Glyde, are thirsty to purchase quality unlocked phones so that they can resell them.

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