Picture of buildings coming out of a cell phone, showing the future of cell phone technology.

When we look at how far cell phones have come, its really quite amazing, isnt it? From landlines, to the first bulky mobile devices, to the smartphones we now use as lifelines, our devices have kept up with the continuously changing lifestyles of humankind.

Today, our phones can do amazing things. They can talk to us, play music, find restaurants, give directions, connect us with people millions of miles away, and provide unlimited sources of entertainmentand all in the palm of our hand. But do you ever stop to wonder whats next?

Will it be flexible phones? Phones implanted in our brains? Dual screen phones?

While all of that would be nifty, wed like to see something that makes our everyday lives easier. It may come as a bit of a surprise, but theres actually a lot our phones cant do. So with that in mind, weve got a few hopes for the future of the cell phone.

1) A phone that can clean your home.

Wouldnt it be great if phones could determine when your house needs cleaning? Of course, our phones would have our individual preferences and mess-tolerance levels imbedded in their analysis. Once it determines your house is too messy for you, it would get to cleaning or just activate your cleaning robot for you. You could even set it to notify the kids when its time to clean their bedrooms. No more nagging!

2) A phone that you dont have to hold. Ever.

Maybe having a phone implanted in your brain gives you the heebie-jeebies (dont blame you), but it would be nice to have a phone we dont have to hold. Wearable tech is slowly becoming all the rage, so lets hope for a phone we can wear! Then, with the press of a button, boomholographic touchscreens pop up in mid-air. This way, we dont lose the awesome visual experience we love so much.

3) A phone that fixes itself.

Dont you hate a broken phone? The process of getting it repaired can be so aggravating. It might be ambitious to hope for an indestructible phone, but what about a phone that fixes itself? Say the kids dropped it and shattered the screen no problem! The phone would simply regenerate a new screen and fix itself. How cool!

4) A phone with unlimited battery power.

This one isnt actually far off. While we all know batteries dont last forever, techies are getting closer and closer to beefing up our batteries or powering phones with alternative forms of energy. One day, we may never have to plug in our phones to charge again!

5) A phone thats powered by our thoughts.

As much as we dont want phones sitting inside our brains, it would be pretty great to simply think of something and have our device do it. Want to order pizza? Think about that large cheesy pie and voila, your phone is calling your local pizza joint. Want to call the grandkids? Picture their faces and think the commandsuddenly your phone is dialing. Talk about effortless!

Whether its smarter smartphones or a technology we havent even dreamed of yet, were sure the future of mobile phones is going to be exciting. What are you hoping to see in future devices? Let us know on Facebook!