MetroPCS, owned by T-Mobile, has some enticing features. But how does it stack up to Pure TalkUSA? Weve compared the two in our MVNO Guide so you can find the service that best fits your needs!

Guide comparing MVNOs highlighting Pure TalkUSA vs. MetroPCS

MetroPCS offers quality service features such as fees and taxes that are included in pricing, along with the option to use a family plan. At PureTalk USA, we pride ourselves on offering those features and more, such as customizable budgets and free SIM cards and minutes.

Take a look at the chart to learn more about PureTalk USA vs. MetroPCS, or better yet, check out what our customers have to say about our service:

We only use voice calls and the family plan is great! We have 5 phones (free) and it only costs us $30 a month! What a deal! This is the best of all cell phone providers! Thanks! - Gary F.

I decided to get rid of the expensive landline that was hardly being used at my home. After a lot of research I decided to go with PureTalk... What won me over was the $10 per month cost PLUS rollover minutes. I haven't looked back. I've taken the phone with me just to check coverage and I have not been disappointed. Thanks PureTalk for offering up such a good plan! - Kelly T.

Pure TalkUSA is the best.... I'm so happy I found you. Hughe H.

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