Guide comparing MVNOs highlighting Pure TalkUSA vs. Ting

Ting is an incredibly popular MVNO in the United States. But how does their service compare to PureTalk USAs?

While Ting boasts broad coverage and a bucketized pricing system, at PureTalk USA, we pride ourselves on making sure our customers always know their monthly costs before they get their bill. This means flexible plan options with taxes and fees included.

Take a look at the chart to learn more about PureTalk USA versus Ting, or better yet, see what our customers have to say about our service:
I love PureTalk USA. They are more than reasonable price-wise, and their customer service is always professional, friendly, and accommodating. Instead of paying ridiculous bills, check them out.- Suzi C.

Increased data? Very cool! Set up for next billing date! Thank you for great service! Gary N.

The best thing about PureTalk USA is the customer service desk is in the USA. Elaine P.

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