Emergency Cell Phone: Get one before it’s too late


It's smart to have an emergency cell phone

Ever considered having an emergency cell phone? These days, more and more people are getting rid of their “unnecessary” landlines and relying on their cell phones to be their primary phone. I’ve never really thought about having an emergency cell phone- that is until I left my cell phone at home and needed to call someone from the road because I had a flat tire. Of course, the one time I forgot my cell at home I had an emergency! You can see why I now love the idea of having an emergency cell phone in my car. Another occasion was when I couldn’t find my cell phone anywhere in my house. This was so frustrating and all I kept thinking was if only I had a back up cell phone on hand (like in my car,) I could call my other cell phone and find my other one! Obviously, you can see that I am very reliant on my cell phone- as are many people.

Whether its giving your kids an emergency cell phone for when they go out with their friends, or having an emergency cell phone to use on vacation, emergency cell phones are a great idea. Pure TalkUSA has phones that work perfectly as a back up phone. Read how one Pure TalkUSA customer enjoys uses her cell phone as a “just in case” phone, http://thecouponproject.com/2010/05/my-new-phone-service-phone-talk.html. With plans from just $10/mth, our flexible and simple plans appeal to the most budget-conscience shoppers. For information and pricing, please visit www.puretalkusa.com.

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