Question #1: 2012 Great Holiday Giveaway



PT-SSA887_lgQuestion #1:

What is your all-time favorite holiday memory?

This question closes on December 12 at 11:59 pm ET


A new Samsung A887 Solstice™ smartphone


Pure TalkUSA wants to make the holidays a little happier for all of our loyal customers and fans!

For our 2012 Great Holiday Giveaway, we’re giving away some great prizes between now and Christmas. And if you give us good enough reason, one of the winners could be you!

Here’s how the contest works:

1. At midnight on each of the following days: Dec. 11, Dec. 13*, Dec. 15, Dec. 17*, Dec. 19, and Dec. 21, we will post a holiday-themed question on at the top of this page, each of which is associated with its own prize. There may be additional prize giveaways throughout the period (so make sure you check either our blog or our Facebook page daily).

2. To enter the contest, simply answer the question using 125 words or less in the comments section of this post. You have until 11:59 p.m. on the day after the question is posted (48 hours). After which, that question will be closed and a new question will be posted.

3. The following morning after each question closes; we will select the top four (4) comments and post them for the public to vote on. The comment receiving the most votes during the voting period wins the prize!

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PTU-holiday-giveaway-santaAdditional Rules

Only one entry per person per question. But feel free to enter for as many questions as you like.

• Questions with an (*) next to it are exclusively for current Pure TalkUSA customers only. However anyone (including non-customers) can vote. For the other questions, anyone is eligible.

• All prize phones come equipped with free Pure TalkUSA SIM cards. We reserve the right to change the phone prize with a comparable model.

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228 thoughts on “Question #1: 2012 Great Holiday Giveaway

  1. heather miller

    Seat on my grand paw lap watching Christmas shows so miss them days.being young lol.he a angel now.

    1. loretta williams

      My fondest memory was finding out that my aunt had given me $700 to make a down payment on my very 1st car. It was a 1979 mustang yea

    2. Chastity

      My family’s most memorable Christmas was in 2010. I am a single mother with four teenage girls, That year we had a family of four children living with us through the holiday season. I had purchased the majority of my girls Christmas gifts prior to assisting this family, my children came to me and asked if we could return all the gifts, then divide the money and provide Christmas for all of the children equally. Between the eight children every one of them got one gift that they asked for and no one did without. I was so proud of my girls for their generous hearts to actually think about giving up their Christmas gifts for another family. We still talk about that Christmas and how much fun they had. Despite what little they recieved, they appreciated what was given from the heart of sharing.

  2. Melinda Carter Cooper

    Our 1st Christmas as a married couple we picked out a real tree,full and beautiful not noticing how crooked it was. Well after some cutting off and getting it in the stand,we decorated the tree and when we were all done stood back to see our lovely decorated tree fall right over,water all over the place. So we used some books to try and support it and finally after it falling 3 more times water all over,we had to buy cement bricks and stack them around the base to finally keep it from falling.

  3. Tasha Wilkerson

    My favorite memory is last Christmas. My husband and I split apart for 6 months and Dec 22 we got back together. It was so wonderful to be a full family again!!!

  4. Mike Woodard

    Going to visit my extended family at my Grandparent’s house. Spending the day with all the cousins and visiting with everyone who dropped by.

  5. gail mclane

    It is my very first Christmas not being abused..The first year i left my abuser I had a tree i had never had one before… waking up and my entire family being there with me for the first time in 15 years is a memory i would never forget and cherish forever

  6. Allan Zedan

    My all-time favorite holiday memory is stting under the Christmas tree with my entire family. And now that my parents are no longer here, I treasure that time more and more each year..

  7. Richard Fisher

    I remember sitting at the top of the stairs looking down at the christmas tree, and waiting for santa to show up. Somehow every year we fell asleep before he arrived, and awoke to a tree with all sorts of presents underneath.

  8. stephbinks

    Everyone getting together on christmas eve for a huge sleepover. Eating and watching christmas movies then everyone gets to open one present on Christmas eve.

  9. Noel Lingad

    Christmas in the Philippines where I grew up means nothing, it means EVERYTHING.
    Family traditions, friends, relatives and specially the home-made goodies. Your heart is field with so much love and joy.

  10. Dennis brewer

    when i was 8 years old my uncle came to see us on Christmas. I haven’t seen him for a couple of years. He used to come in the summer from Oshkosh Wi. to Milwaukee and take me to the Braves games. Those were the best days of my life. He gave me an autographed baseball from Hank Arron. I can’t even express how happy I was. As years went on and my Uncle passed away. I remember the joyful look on his face when I opened my most cherished gift, and his presence in my life will never be forgotten.

  11. Christeena Dinehart

    Going to my grandmothers and seeing the little white metal tree all decked out with oodles of gifts under it and every one taking turns opening their gifts!

  12. Allison Rader

    I grew up in northern New York. And I remember my cousins coming over on Christmas Day and we would go outside and play in the feet of snow. We’d stay out there until we couldn’t feel any part of our hands, feet, face… Then it was back inside to read the Christmas story and open gifts one gift at a time. It’s a tradition that I’ve carried on with my own children.

  13. Bernice Vanderhoeven

    It was 1943, both my brothers were serving in the Navy, I was 9 years old. The house was very quiet without them. My Mom and Dad missed them terribly and I sometimes thought they forgot I was there. Mom told me to go to bed and all of a sudden someone knocked hard on the door. Upon opening the door there stood my oldest brother in his navy uniform. The ship had come in and he was able to get a lift home. What a Christmas!!!!!

  14. David Pritikin

    The most memorable holiday was Chanukah 30 years ago. We lit the candles and said the prayers and sang all the songs ie: Oh chanukah, oh chanukah come lite the menorah lets have a party………. Or I have a dradel I made it out of clay…………. Then we gave the kids thier presents and then we made potatoe pancakes and had a wonderful time.

  15. Luther Herber

    A Christmas in 1938 stands out above all since because I got a pretty Black Cho-choo Train that had real tracts. It was a wind-up model. 6 years old and all was well with my world.

  16. Grace Stark

    The year my dad wrapped my mom’s new watch in a Cracker Jack box and then put it inside a wrapped box and another wrapped box, etc. so that it started out as a giant present. My mom was so angry by the time she found the Cracker Jack box that she threw it at my dad! He had to tell her to open it to find her “prize”. The look on her face was priceless!

  17. Becca Duncan

    The last Christmas before my son passed away. He was 15 months old and so happy. He was in-patient at Children’s Hospital but they gave us a day pass to go home and spend Christmas with our family. He passed away 2 1/2 months later from leukemia. I will always cherish that last Christmas with my baby boy. Mommy loves you Vincie.

  18. Laura Nicholls

    My favorite Christmas memory will always be participating each year in our Church’s “Journey to Bethlehem.” The first two weekends in December, we always had a live action Bethlehem and Nativity. It definitely created a firm foundation for me to remember why we celebrate Christmas—the day God sent his son, Jesus, our Savior!

  19. Kara Keppel

    As a child we would have huge Christmas gatherings. The adults would stay down stairs playing cards and the kids would be upstairs playing and having fun. We would play for hours. I always loved going to my Aunts house because they had the open registers for upstairs and we would be able to watch the adults play cards, and even play pranks on them too. Our family has shrunk a lot over the years, but I will never forget those Holidays.

  20. RITA

    My happiest holiday memory was Christmas 1993. My dad had wanted a Red Rider BB gun his entire life but never got one. That Christmas (at age 65) my dad finally got his wish….a Red Rider bb gun. He giggled like a little boy on Christmas morning as he held his prize up for all of us to see and playfully pretended to be shooting a squirrel.
    That was dad’s last Christmas with us and the memory of the look in his eyes as the magic of Christmas was restored to him, will remain in my memory forever. And somehow I just know that today he hunts on celestial banks with the Red Rider he had
    finally received.

  21. Franklyn Berent

    As a child coming down the stairs to find the Christmas trimmed and lit and seeing all those presents and really believing in Santa Clause. This and later enjoying a turkey dinner will all the trimmings.

  22. Stevie Yancey

    My fovorite is also my saddest. Just before Christmas 2001 my Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.Tho I was in my mid 40’s never saw him smoke.He died on Jan.21 2002 at 68.One of the last things he told me was he had tought me all he could about living , now all was left was how to die like a man.He was a true christian and example.I’m blessed to have had such a great Father;my Dad.

  23. Judy Lyles

    I was 7 and my father was severly injured in an accident and my mother was suddenly forced out of the home to get work, in 1949.She now had four children and an invalid husband to take care of.She found work but it didn’t pay much and we were really struggling.I remember some nights of just having a slice of bread and a dish of peaches for dinner.The factory where she worked all chipped in and brought us Christmas gifts because they heard she could not afford any .We each got a new outfit to wear,and several toys,food and such. There ware 2 car loads full of gifts from those wonderful,caring and thoughtful people.It is a Christmas I have not forgotten in 63 years it still is my #1 best memory of the true meaning of Christmas.

  24. Glenn Brannon

    My best Christmas began on December 13, 1968. I returned home from a year in Vietnam and had not see my Wife, Mother or Dad for that year and had lived through letters exchanged. That Christmas will always be special because it had been impressed upon me how lucky I was to see the Holiday season at all. We spent a wonderful holiday season together with family and friends remembering what the true spirit of Christmas is all about.

  25. Anthony Gristina

    My all-time favorite holiday memory is when I win a new Samsung A887 Solstice™ smartphone.

  26. Sheri Catching

    I was just at the age when I didn’t know if I believed in Santa or not. I was out shopping with my parents one night before Christmas and fell in love with a small inexpensive toy. When we got home from shopping, That toy was under the tree! My father had secretly bought the toy and slipped it under the tree before I got in the house. This “magical event” extended my belief in Santa for another couple of years. I’m in my 50’s now and just appreciate those fantastic parents I had!

  27. Wesley

    In 1983 my parents were struggling financially. My two year old sister was oblivious to it, but even as a 6 year old I remember eavesdropping on my parents and hearing them talk about their hardships. In November we erected a small tree, but placed no presents under it. I had pretty much resigned to the fact that there would never be any. On Christmas morning, we woke up to find the living room literally covered with toys! I found out years later that my mom had walked to yard sales and accumulated all of the gifts over time. Unable to afford gift wrap, she had to wait until Christmas morning and put all of the toys out. It was the most amazing Christmas ever!

  28. Susan Klavans

    My mother decided to cook a goose for Thanksgiving. Everyone in the family told her her goose would be cooked next year if she didn’t serve turkey.

  29. Darrell Lawson

    I could talk about all the memories as a child in the mountains of Wva but my best memory was in 1999 when both my wife and I were working on a cruise ship and we spent christmas in Hamburg Germany with tons of snow and lights and roasting chestnuts on a open fire.I lost her to cancer shortly after. Christmas will never be the same as she now spends his birthday with him.

  30. Mary

    When I was young it was ALL about Christmas not Happy Holidays….we went to chruch Christmas Day then open gifts and went and visited family and friends….we were a large family so not many gifts other than the gift of each other at Christmas

  31. andrea henrie

    When I was 5 years old, back in 1955 … hearing a knock on the door during the holidays was an exciting time. I always hoped it was a present from my favorite aunt in San Francisco. Aunt Rose was a world traveler and always sent the most unique gifts from exotic faraway places. Even today during the holidays, a knock on the front door always brings back these memories of this favorite person in my life.

  32. Tere Mathern

    The Christmas where to get my present I had to go on a treasure hunt — I found it in the garage: it was my first bike – a stingray! Yes, I am that old!

  33. Jennifer Seymour

    Getting up early with my brothers and checking to see if Santa came yet…..we checked like every 15 mins

  34. Kelly Nash

    My best holiday memory was last year. My mom is very ill and confined to a nursing home. We brought her home. The home she has shared with my dad for 46 years. There were no presents and not even a tree. We fixed all of moms favorite foods that she used to prepare during the holidays. We had her closest friends and family. We laughed and listened to holiday music. My parents laughed and had true joy getting to entertain as they used to in their home. It will always be my greatest holiday memory.

  35. Sandy

    It was my first Christmas as a single mom raising 3 young daughters. There was a gift under the tree for me. I opened it to find 3 – $100 bills. Obviously Santa’s elves had been at work!! A very unexpected gift ….. but much needed due to the situation I was in. To this day I do not know who blessed me in this special way. It has served as a good reminder to me to do the same to others I meet along the way …….

  36. Melissa

    Every year my husband and I wrap our children’s presents on Christmas Eve while we sip cocktails and watch a Christmas movie.

  37. Roger A Dustrud

    When my daughter was about five, we were talking about “being Good” for the Holidays and the year. When I asked the question – “Have you been a good girl for Santa this year?”……… She answered with the innocence and honesty of youth ” No…….but Santa didn’t see me…………………..I loved her even more……………..Merry Christmas

  38. Paul Gathany

    Sledding at my grandparent’s place in PA with cousin visiting from southern GA. One southern cousin, while taking a break around a bonfire, was so cold she huddled too close. Burned the toes off her boots! We laughed a lot as a family. That was one of the objects of our remembrances of gathering together at Christmas.

  39. Florence

    Having the whole family at my aunt’s house for dinner on Christmas eve and staying up late looking for Santa.

  40. Davis Bush

    Many years ago, when I was a child of wonder, My parents started the tradition of the “looking for Santa ride” on Christmas eve. unbeknownst to us this allowed my uncle to get our gifts under the tree for that big suprise when we returned. One year we were going to catch Santa and see if he walked in through the doors. We sprinkled flour on the floor to see his footsteps. Well, we found out years later, my uncle hid in the basement to bring the gifts up so he didn’t have to step on the flour trap(we also taped the windows).
    The wonderment of Christmas is still with me even today!

  41. Ebony Morse

    When I was in Germany back in 2001 for the holidays as a young soldier and I couldn’t afford to go home for Christmas. The unit at the time that I was with all behind my back were putting together my two week trip to see my family just because they knew what their first tour was like away from home. To see my mothers face when I came home for Christmas was the absolute best:-)

  42. Jane Whittaker

    About twenty yrs ago, my youngest son, asked me to buy a doll for an elderly retarded man who lived in our neighbor. He carried around a doll someone had thrown in the garbage which was ragged and dirty. On Xmas morning when the man was passing my 3 sons, daughter,my husband and I went outside so my son could give him the gift. When he opened the present he started to cry and kept saying over and over again, me own baby, me own baby. We all cried with him and every Xmas I think of him and the true meaning of Xmas.

  43. Ken Fritts

    My wife wanted a sewing machine for Christmas, a few years back. The machine came with a carrying case. I took the machine out of the case and wraped it and put under the tree. She thinking it was the machine was happy until she picked it up. Then a day before Christmas I cut the paper and pulled out the case and put in the machine. Boy was she surprised on Christmas morning when she wenr to pick up her gift.

  44. Stephanie brown

    My favorite Christmas was 1973. My first born was 10 months old and couldn’t wait t dive intote gifts. He had a lot of fun with all his aunts and uncles. I thinks the best gift was a home made toy box. It was just a large open box on wheels but he love it so very much. I still enjoy the children’s looks as they open the gifts. My son now have children of his own that enjoy this time of year.

  45. Kathy Rallo

    When my parents were alive we would go to my aunt’s on Chrismas Eve. On the way home we would ride thru the neighborhoods with the nice big houses all decorated for Christmas. Still enjoy riding around and looking at the holiday lights.

  46. Jerry

    Coming downstairs with my seven other brothers and sisters and finding the breakfast table set with plates of goodies, gum,candy bars, small gifts,etc. This was back in the 50’s and money was scarce but the family was what it was all about and after Dad read the Christmas story out of Luke 2 we could see what all was included on our plates.

  47. Jose Rivera

    Jose Rivera
    Last year we went to New Jersey and picked up my daughter and grand daughter, driving back ,we goofed and joked all the way home[ 6hr] drive,and the next day we were all outside decorating the house putting up lights and all this time we were playing
    xmas carols. the day after that e put the tree up outside then we came in, and we put up the tree inside. these first 3 days were perfect, we never left the house after that. we had a blast, my older children didn’t show up till Christmas eve , then Christmas really
    got started.

  48. Young Ahn

    My most exiting Christmas was 5 years ago when my first grandson born to the this world. You have lots of happiness to buy gifts for your grand child. Now he is Kindergartener. Time is flying.

  49. Jenia Allen

    My all-time favorite holiday memory would be this Christmas. After nearly 12 years of going to school off and on, I finally graduate this month with a Bachelors degree and I am sure that this Christmas has earned it’s place as my all-time favorite.

  50. gloria stowell

    Growing up as a child . Now, missing family + friends that have gone. Wishing that you could have 1 more day or 1 more phone call with them. Now all we have are wonderful memories of them + their unconditional love for us .

  51. brad

    The best time of the holiday was playing with friends and waking up the morining of Christmas not knowing what to expect but something nice. I then would watch my parents interact and now since the are no longer with me this seems like a very, very distance past. I now have grand kids and I see the excitement and expectation on their faces and life is “””””””””””””””””GREAT AGAIN”””””””””””””

  52. Julianne McD

    Driving all night with my family to southern California and seeing the beautiful twinkling lights of all the cities. (My husband really needs a new cell phone, his is a dinosaur.)

  53. Larry

    55 years ago, 1958, I remember spending Christmas eve with my new bride as we did our Christmas shopping on the streets of an old historic town in Southern Indiana. There were no large malls and the blowing snow and cold winds didn’t dampen our spirits as we strolled from store to store. The store clerks and other shoppers would greet you with a “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Years”. What a blessed time of the year when Christmas was still instilled with the coming of Christ Jesus.

  54. Kimberly

    One of my most favorite memories was a couple of years ago. My father was very ill & on hospice. We brought him to live with us. This would be his last Christmas though. He got to meet and enjoy his grand babies, two who were 2 years old and one that was 1 years old, and see the joy in their eyes as they opened their gifts. As adults we didn’t want anything. Watching that was such a blessing. It brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

  55. Heather Chupp

    I can’t say that I’ve yet to experience a favorite Christmas…..but today I find myself wanting to create it. After spending so many years following the “ideal” Christmas traditions passed down, I’m looking to set my family apart and reach for the true meaning. Hoping that this Christmas will look different then any other, yet have hidden within it the mystery, awe, and wonder that was there over 2000 years ago.

  56. Robin Ruff

    We had the most fun buying gifts for a needy family. The father was a firefighter and was killed shortly after that Christmas. So thankful that God used us to help in a small way to make their last Christmas together memorable.

  57. Deborah Carter Witzak

    One of my favorite Christmas times was with my dad.We would always go together to get the tree. He would put coffee in his thermos as if we were going to be gone for days.This time we had the tree picked out but it was still to early to cut it. Around dinner time I began to beg for the tree. I was surely in the spirit. My folks kept telling me no of course but me being the kid I that was didn’t accept no easily. It was getting dark and the snow was coming down hard.We were in the living room with the fire going and relaxing before bedtime.I got up on my dads lap and started questioning why we couldnt get the tree. As he gets annoyed he lites his pipe and tells me to go get my boots and coat.He did the same.He took a lantern and I held the flashlite as we slowly walked over the ridge into the woods to get this tree. It was one of the prettiest nights I can recall. The thick snow. The chilly air. And the dark night with a million stars out.The smell of his pipe lifting into the air.And his secure hand holding mine.We finally got to the tree and he cut it down.As we drug it back to the house I would stop to listen to the falling snow.Once back home.He made me a cup of his famous hot cocoa.I miss those times, it was

  58. Hattie

    Thinking back over many lovely Christmas memories, one of the sweetest one was tin 1950….I was 16. Financially, it was a difficult time for my parents, but they borrowed money, purchased a new Baldwin Acrosonic piano and had it delivered on Christmas
    Eve,completely wrapped in cellophane with a big red ribbon around it. Such a joy for me after the old. tinny, second hand upright piano that had been around for years.

  59. Dorothy Coats

    I was 8 years old and I got to gifts I loved very much I remember them like it was yesterday and dont ever remember getting anything thing else that I liked so much. It was a pretty doll that had gold brown hair and blue eyes she had a beautiful blue lace dress and a slot thing in her back and played a little record looking disk and played frair a choca dor mae voo I sang that forever I know I probaly made every one crazy and the other thing I got I loved so much was my raggidy Ann & Andy Dolls my oldest brother got me. My dolls and I had lots of pretend parties I had lots of fun with them. I have had plenty of good Christmas in my life but that one was so wonderful and I think about it every Christmas it was such and awsom time when I was a kid imagination is great when your an 8 year old.

  60. Greg Tucker

    I Had trained my Siamese kitten to attack on command. When my Aunt walked into the living room where the Christmas tree was. I had the kitten attack my aunt’s legs. He shredded her nylons. She screamed and dropped her presents on my head. We all laughed and the kitten ran away to my bedroom.

  61. Linda

    This one Christmas my sister was away and I missed her terribly. We had a tradition of opening stockings first then getting dressed for breakfast. It was agony! The longest breakfast in the history of human kind! Growing up my sister and I usually thought we’d never make it till the great moment. That year I hated having Christmas without her but I went through the motions. After breakfast I stood sadly waiting until the doors were thrown open and there, in all of its splendor, stood the tree with new decorations from Santa, a room strewn with packages everywhere instead of under the tree… but my sister crouched under the tree trying to dodge the electric train! It was the best present ever.

  62. maria

    when i traveled far away to be with my family in the Philippines. Everyone was so happy to see me. We laughed and joked each other till the holidays end. it was priceless.

  63. Omkar Lahurikar

    Oh, I’ll never forget the time we were living in an upstairs apartment and it was wee morning hours. Well, I heard footsteps on the roof. I was so confused. I was never a big believe in Santa as a child – not really sure why. I assume it’s because my mom never sugarcoated things for me. Anyways, hearing the footsteps – I ran out into the living room to wait and see I could catch a glimpse, but alas, nothing. Hahah. I still to this day wonder how there were footsteps on an apartment complex roof!

  64. Yufeng

    Having a big dinner with all the family members at last Spring Festival. I don’t know when I can see them again and have a dinner together, since I’m now in a foreign country.

  65. PTsteve

    My all time favorite Christmas memory?
    Midnight, Christmas Eve candle light service with classmates. Assembling outside to raise united candles high, we’d wish each other Merry Christmas, then I go with dear friends to open special presents under the mistletoe.
    Christmas morning was a perfect Norman Rockwell tableau. Followed by travels north into the mountains to celebrate the season all over again! Endless joy and bliss!

  66. Barbara

    My all time favorite memory is of watching my grandmother shake the packages that were under the Christmas tree. She was the most curious of all our family; young children included, and she could not help herself from trying to figure out who was getting what. On the other hand, she did not want others to be able to find out what she was giving, so she would leave name-tags off the presents, and then sometimes forget which package was for which person. It was all so cute. Grandma has died, and now Mom will leave names off packages; it is a fun reminder of Grandma.

  67. Jie Zhou

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery but today is a gift that is why it is called “Present”.
    Holiday reminds me everyday is holy. I appreciate God gives me another day and everything that my family and I needed. I pray Peace in mind and Peace on earth. Healthy, Wealthy, and Harmony for all mankind.


    Being the first to wake up and waiting patiently in a dark house with only the soft warm glow of the christmas tree. Quietly and secretly examining every present that filled the tree underneath and spread far into the family room. Nothing glows and sparkles or warms the soul like the warmth from that lighted tree casting its brilliance across the room. Nothing compared to that sight every christmas morning…and now I get to share it with my daughter.

  69. Richard Chenault

    I became engaged to my wife and best friend 27 years ago on Christmas Day. So I guess I have all ready won. Rich

  70. Michael Boracci

    IT’s those candied yams that my mother makes. It’s all about making people laugh and trying to forget about the troubles of the world for one day. After all Christ was born for our benefit, and we have to be thankful for that.

  71. Roscoe

    In 1968, on Christmas eve, I defended the Earth against the Klingons. I did this so everyone would have their own personal memories of Christmas. I do expect them to return someday and I have no other choice but to do it again. However, I may need the assistance of an elf or two since I am now a senior citizen.

  72. Brenda Cooney

    Christmas is also my birthday.When I was real young, I used to think that all my family came over to our house to party all day and pig-out just because of me.

  73. Lisa Bernardin

    My all time favorite memory: My boys, ages 2 and 6 were dressed in matching outfits and we were off to get the picture with Santa. As we stepped out the door I ran back in for something. Suddenly, I heard my husband say “Unbelievable!” and as I came back out, the two were completely covered in mud. They had tried to climb up the wet, muddy bank on the side of our drive and both fell face first. Well, we had an appointment with Santa, so we stripped them off on the porch, grabbed two new outfits, not as cute, but they would do, and off we went. We were half way to the mall when the two year old threw up all over himself and the back seat. “That’s it! We’re going home,” was my hubby’s reply. “Oh no we’re not! We’re getting this picture TODAY,” I declared. We pulled into a gas station and wiped up the mess, undressed the baby and threw the clothes in the garbage, got to the mall, bought him a new outfit and took that darn picture with Santa! It is one of the cutest pictures we have of them on Santa’s lap.

  74. Francisco Manrique

    Back in 1961 I had just lost my little sister, she was only 2 weeks, so I’ve been bitter most of my life, then, later in life, only maybe 12 years ago, not really understanding what “turkey day” was, I changed because I was at a thanksgiving dinner and finally understood it’s about giving thanks to the lord for he’s plentiful gift’s to us.
    So it came to mind that he took her for a good reason, he’s always giving something to us even if it seems it’s a bad thing, it’s not

  75. Barbara Meineke

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. When my father used to take me up in our bi-plane on Christmas day. I think I was all of 6or 7 years old. I thought that was the greaatest thing since peanut butter and jelly.

  76. Charles Dang

    It was in 1968, when the Vietnamese Communists burned hundreds of house in the city, including mine. As a homeless, I was put to sleep in the Catholic church at night until my new house was built.

    Charles Dang

  77. Chris hyde

    While Christmas is usually full of gifts and presents, my greatest holiday memory is working with friends at a soup kitchen. We were there all day handing out food to the less fortunate and it was the best Christmas I have spent in years knowing that we were helping people who would otherwise not have a celebration.

  78. Lorella Gossar

    I remember I was 9 years old and I saw these boots I just fell in love with them but my parents didnt have much money most the times we got socks and undercloths. But somehow someway on christmas morning I had one package under the tree. When I opened it there was these boots. It was my best christmas ever how they came up with the money I will never know and that year Was also the last christmas I had with my grandma so it had to be the best one ever.

  79. Dante Ramicone

    During the Depression, we never had a Christmas Tree. In 1939, my younger sister, who was 10, wished for a Christmas Tree. She was artistically creative and made ornaments for the tree. I found an old set of lights that I repaired. We waited till Christmas Eve to buy a small tree at a reduced price. That was her first Christmas Tree and she continued the tradition with her own family.

  80. B. Eric Groomer

    On the eve of my 12th Christmas I waited till my parents were sound asleep before I eased down stairs to check out any unwrap presents and to my bona fide surprise I found my dream a bike not just any bike but one with middle weight tires and my favorite color Firestone Red the same color I would later in life order for a 77 Chevy Malibu. Of course I had to rest ride it even the Chicago Snow agreed by coming down lightly. After a short spin coupled with common sense I eased back inside the house cleaned and dried the tires and positioned the bike as it was before. The time was 12:04 AM 25th of December 1957.

  81. Mark A Gundic

    Our father would have us eat breakfast ,before we could go to the tree, and start opening gifts, oo the excitement ,especialy for a child.
    2 minutes ago · Like

  82. Sydney Farmer

    Sydney Farmer
    Spending time wiith my grandmother in her little house with about 30 people, had to take turns eating and cleaning up.

  83. Jeanne Sandstrom

    My grandma took the turkey out of the oven but slipped on a pearl onion on the floor and the turkey flew thru the air. My mother tried to catch it but it was too hot and slippery and dropped it. My aunt Signa tried to catch it as it was falling but instead kicked the bird and it skittered across the floor right thru the open basement door and down the steps. That year my father was so pleased to have the turkey already carved and on a platter when he got to the table . And not one of us let on the reason for our “naked” turkey that year.

  84. Susan B

    My all time favorite holiday memory is my grandmother’s Christmas party. She would keep all the grandchildren “busy” during cocktails for adults by having us all follow a string to a small activity gift. As teens we would create the string path for our cousins to follow. One year a cousin wound the string path around our grandfather as he sat in his chair. He was stuck there until the grandchild got through the whole string. We have continued this event with our own children since we enjoyed it so as children.

  85. Lynn Burris

    Us 3 sister’s having several clue’s to Santa’s present, that finally led us to a broom closet where there were 3 electric guitars! OMG @ the laughing!

  86. Roman Kruczkowski

    When my son started walking I was so excited. I just coukd not believe that he actually did it just to get my brother s cell phone. What a great coincident…

  87. Richard Fisher

    I remember sitting at the top of the stairs looking down at the christmas tree, and waiting for santa to show up. Somehow every year we fell asleep before he arrived, and awoke to a tree with all sorts for presents underneath.

  88. Richard

    My dad giving me a dollar to go out on Christmas eve to buy a tree to decorate with the old glass balls and new pack of tinsel.

  89. Frank C

    Linus Van Pelt’s words:

    “And there were in the same country shepherds, abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them! And they were sore afraid … And the angel said unto them, “Fear not! For, behold, I bring you tidings o great joy, which shall be to all my people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ, the Lord.”

    “And this shall be a sign unto you: Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.” And suddenly, there was with the angel a multitude of the Heavenly Host praising God, and saying, “Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth peace, and good will toward men.”

    “That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.” – Linus Van Pelt

  90. Linda Dykes

    It was before my Mother passed away when all of my family would gather at her house any enjoy food and goodies and just getting to spend time together again.

  91. Courtney Bishop

    Going to family dinners and seeing the family that I don’t ever get to see except for once or twice a year.

  92. Melissa Cunningham

    My favorite Christmas memory is more of a cumulative realization. Tradition plays a vital role in our Christmas gatherings. We gather before each holiday meal to recite the Lord’s prayer, the older and younger generations almost harmonizing the sacred words. With the death of my Grandfather, I have truly begun to grasp the importance and semblance of each Christmas tradition: from the Lord’s prayer, to favorite cookies, to our small church play- we are connecting the future with the past by preserving and honoring traditions. Precious Memories, indeed.

  93. Kevin VanGorder

    My greatest Christmas memory is when I found out that the Greatest gift anyone could receive was the gift of eternal life. Jesus died for my sins and all I had to do was accept that he did that and that I was covered under the blood. Thank God for his Grace. – K. M. VG

  94. Drew Brooks

    It is not Christmas for me until I hear Nat King Cole singing carols. My mother had a Christmas LP (that’s a vinyl record for you young whippersnappers) of his that she put on every year as she decorated the tree. His version of “O Tannenbaum” is still one of my favorites.

  95. Magda_C

    My favorite all time holiday is New Year’s day. Each December 31th I celebrate more than just the beginning of a new year, but the day I had the chance to meet my father. To me that day is sacred and still one of the best memories that I’ve ever had.

  96. Russell Hart

    IOn 1957 buying a bike for a boyu who did not have a bike but was always getting on another childs bike and riding it without permission at youth baseball practice. Thirty (30) years later calling to tell me that he was now married and had two fine sons and he and his wife was very actived in the church that they had joined.

  97. gelgingin

    riding the greyhound bus to Unadilla NY to see grandparents; looking out the big window, and still thinking the world with snow was a special place.

  98. anjan

    Staying in home, and gathering memories of my family and relatives, and the past lovable moments that touches my heart. Ultimately, opening facebook to backup all those memories.

  99. Carleste Mitchell

    My grandson had just recovered from a heart attack and all the family came together to celebrate the recovery and the holidays. My son is in the military and we all gathered at his home. On a whim he bought a karaoke game that plays on his big screen TV. That whim proved to be the life of the party with old and young taking a turn whether we knew the songs or not. My son and grandson laughed so hard they fell on the floor! Everyone had such a great time that we still fondly talk about that Christmas.

  100. roger

    It started with the birth of my third child (girl) but not on Christmas. At 4 months old she was diagnosed with a rare liver disease and they life flighted her to UCSF medical center to save her life and where all five of us lived for the next 19 months. There, after almost losing her several times, she received a double organ transplant. Two and a half months later we were able to move back home. Two and a half months later she was able to have her first Christmas at home. I got her out of bed and carried her as all 5 of us walked in looked at the tree and smiled and cried because we were ALL HOME for Christmas.

  101. Mavis McBride

    As a young bride in 1966 I was living on Okinawa with my military husband. I was very lonely for my family so far away in the US. The day before Christmas my husband came home with a home movie tape of my loved ones at the family Christmas party. At the end everyone gathered around the tree and held up a huge sign that read ” Merry Christmas – We Love You”. It was love across oceans and miles straight to my heart.

  102. Sam vora

    Every Christmas two daughters and two of us would comfortably sit around, watch movie THE SOUND OF MUSIC, eat a lot of tangerines, and other goodies. We think a lot about these days.

  103. Dorothy Satchwell

    My favorite holiday memory is Christmas when all the family comes home and my grandma and mother would be in the kitchen cooking. The wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen and the whole family laughing and talking about old times. My dad and I were always the first ones to the table and the last ones to get up.

  104. stoney wantland

    I was stationed in France from 1961 to 1964. I returned to Paris France on vacation 30 years later on Christmas. I cannot describe in words the joy I felt, being in France on that special Christmas.

  105. Miazng

    Curious and exciting to open gifts! When I was a child, I was always curious and exciting what gift(s) I will have. Now I am curious and exciting to know my kids’ response when they open the gifts.

  106. Allison Keiser

    First was having our son about a month before Christmas and getting to imagine him as the Babe in the manger….Second favorite was getting an entire outfit- shoes, dress, etc delivered by Santa!

  107. pamelajoy52

    My most wonderful memory of Christmas was when I was 7 years old. We had all gone to my grandpa’s for our big family Christmas and then we went home . All of sudden I heard a knock at the door and heard Ho HO HO…. I ran to door and there stood SANTA…. he was putting my gifts on the porch. I startled him so, he didn’t know what to do…. all of a sudden I was screaming… it’s SANTA…..he started walking really fast down the road…I was yelling for him to come back but he just started kept running….. I just took off and started chasing him.. I chased him all the way down the road, when I got real close a white car pulled up and he jumped in and they sped off!!!! I was shocked that he had a car and not a sled!! :) (Years later I found out it was my mom’s baby brother who was SANTA… he said he was scared I was going to catch him…. he said he almost didn’t make it in the car!!) We still laugh about this every year!

  108. Debra Mccoy

    I remember watching my children open their gifts, the squeels, oooh and awwws, and then the excitement of the christmas dinner i prepared to carefully for them to enjoy..

  109. Sondra Pettyjohn

    Dec. 15, 1995. I was in bed next to my husband, in labor with our first child. I saw what looked like flames flickering in the woods outside the window and sat straight up and yelled, “The woods are on fire!” my dear hubby calmed me down and pointed out the neighbor’s flickering Christmas lights. So, I got back to work…

  110. Dennis Miller

    We were in 9th grade and at a friend’s house for a little Christmas party in the afternoon on a Saturday. She lived on this really cool tree-lined street with nice houses that were all decorated. During the party, it started snowing heavily. We all decided to go for a walk and went down the street enjoying the snow, the lights and each other’s company. You could hear Christmas music coming from one of the houses on the street as it was very quiet outside that afternoon. Whenever I see a holiday-themed picture, I remember that day and get a deep feeling of happiness at how awesome it was.

  111. Sandra Kissee

    on christmas eve we would make cookies for santa. this nite a bad storm came in and Daddy could not make it home from work. He had all the presents in his car trunk,( mom said later when I grew up.). we had never seen santa at the house before and this year he showed up late after we had woke to no presents. Being late getting home dad went to a friends house and borrowed a santa suit so that he could come in the door with all the presents. We never knew it was daddy till we were like fifteen. It was so special actually meeting santa at our own home. none of our friends had met santa like we did.

    1. Cheryl Florence

      The best thing I did was go Christmas Caroling at the Nursing Homes and see how happy it made them. We took them cookies and punch and they loved it. Alot of memories…

  112. monte

    I had bought my girlfriend diamond earrings(which she knew about because she was with me). On Christmas morning she reached in her stocking and pulled out the jewelry box. But when she turned around, I was on my knee. I had switched the earrings with an engagement ring. She said yes and has regretted that decision for the last 14 years.(just kidding)

  113. keith mahabirsingh

    when i was a very small boy i use to get my toys in a pillow case hanging on the bed post, but one year we got a christmas tree. that morning my pillow case was empty i thought santa had missed me but when i went into the living room i saw all the presents under the tree what a relief !!!!!!

  114. Mike

    My grandmother always made peanut butter balls for Christmas….she made extra one year to put in the basket of our new bikes….best Christmas ever!

  115. Robert F Ciambrone

    Without a doubt, my most memorable Christmas was in 1960. We drove 40 miles to my parent’s home for Christmas Eve. There was forecast of 20 inches of snow so we left at about 10 pm to return home. Due to the snowy roads it took us two hours to drive home. Just past midnight, Christmas morning, my wife told me she was having cramps. We drove the 40 miles back to the city where the hospital was. She gave birth to twin boys on Christmas Day.

  116. Judy Payne

    It was the Christmas us kids tried to stay up and wait for Santa. We kept watching out the windows for him. My mom (our only parent) had went to visit a friend next door. All of a sudden we hear all this noise and comotion at the bottom of our steps.(we lived in an upstairs apt.) Us kids went running down there and Mom was waving and calling goodbye to Santa as he flew away. We looked so hard for him in the sky. And all our presents were there at the foot of the stairs.

  117. Solo Standings

    Living in a time before computers, when families still lived together, hoping for snow on Christmas day and the anticipation of family visits and gifts would get me excited. So the year of my childhood when it snowed that Christmas and a new bicycle was found by the Christmas tree that morning just seemed to be the most perfect storybook Christmas for me, ever. Kids actually used to go outside and play in the neighborhood without parents worrying. So after Christmas breakfast and church the neighborhood kids would gather to show off their new presents and play in the snow. Things change, the computer games came along, crime increased, and families disappeared so people have locked themselves in their boxes; but their is a bright side developing. With the new computer phones and mobile internet services now going mainstream children can be informed and connected with the world and their families with just the touch of a button. It is hard to say whether the excitement of the Christmas of yesterday anticipating the new bicycle or the Christmas of today with a new computer cell phone is the best What makes Christmas special is the friends and family we can share it with in person and even by computer phones. Merry Christmas.

  118. John Melendez

    My fondest memory of Christmas was when a local parish priest came to our door with food and gifts for everyone. My father was robbed the night before cashing his paycheck, so Christmas looked pretty grin that year. I’ll never forget the warm and wonderful feeling of receiving those gifts.

  119. Lori

    My favorite Christmas memory is when my brother, sister, and I thought we were being so smart and sneaking up on our parents to see what we were getting for Christmas. I just remember my brother was soooo excited, he was SURE he was getting a guitar. Christmas morning came and there was some disappointment. I don’t even know what we actually got, just that our attempts at sneaking were foiled and my brother did NOT get a guitar!

  120. Kenneth Keith Crouch

    Providing Christmas to a family in dire financial straits. A few friends kicked in with some games, toys, etc. and we threw in a tree and rented a Santa suit to impress the kids. I think it was the most fun I ever had on Christmas. Seeing their kid’s eyes light up with the delivery of unexpected gifts was a delight. You couldn’t ask for a better Christmas memory.

  121. William R Hill

    Well today I’am 60 years old and I have many fond memories from the Christmas Hollidays. With a wonderful wife of 40 years , two wonderful daughters, and four of the finest grandchildren ever, there are so many to choose from but one that always stands out is my little redheaded granddaughter falling asleep on top of a big CHRISTMAS GIFT UNDER THE TREE ON HER FIRST cHRISTMAS.

  122. crystal tucker

    one of my favorite memories is being at my cousins and the floor being covered with wrapping paper. each of us had a pile of toys around us as the adults sat in the chairs. it was really family time.

  123. Jim Pribula

    I was stationed in the Philippines and a friend of mine from high school was on an aircraft carrier that pulled into Subic Bay for a few days. He looked me up in the barracks and we decided to decorate a souvenir palm tree that was in our hallway. We cut cotton to look like snow on the fronds, strung some bagged popcorn, hung a couple 3″ plastic beer bottles from it for ornaments and had great laughs trying to explain to some of the Filipinos what snow was.

  124. Kim Tupps

    When we were recently married and in our duplex we decided we wanted to go out into the winter wonderland to cut down our own tree. We heard of a place that let you get any size for 5 dollars. We did not have a lot of money so that was great. We found one after traipsing around for an hour or so. One little detail….it looked smaller outside in the vastness….when we got it home we realized we should have brought a tape measure…..we had to cut off three feet! It was a good thing we also had a fireplace. At least we got a deal…..Have a great holiday season everyone.

  125. Wayne Skaarup

    My most memorable Christmas memory is a simple one. I guess I was about 6 years old. On Christmas Eve the weather was not very wintery. The yard was that brownish green color that grass takes on in winter and the trees were leafless. What a thrill when I awoke Christmas morning to see the beautiful white mantel of snow covering everything. It made that Christmas morning a memory for a lifetime.

  126. SUMIN LI

    My all-time favorite memory of holidays was that everybody in the family got new clothes and had meat to eat when I was little, because all year round we did not have much money to buy new clothes and good foods. Also the houses and streets were cleaned to welcome the New Year, everything around was new and fresh and kids were super happy.

  127. Kershawna Helms

    On Christmas Eve my family and I would go to my grandparents house and we would open Christmas presents and have hot chocolate. My grandma would have all of my cousins stay the night at her house. We would stay up watching Christmas movies all night long then we would get up and my aunts and uncles would show up along with my parents and we would have a Christmas Brunch and open up our stockings. That’s why Christmas is my favorite holiday, because of families like mine that make Christmas a very festive holiday.

  128. Sue Weiss

    When my brother entered the Air Force Academy as a freshman, he couldn’t come home to Iowa until Christmas. I remember going with my dad to pick him up at the Cedar Rapids airport and wondering if being in the military had changed him. As he exited the plane, he strode quickly through the crowd of other departing passengers, his tall, lanky frame clearly visible. The crisp military uniform fit him well and he walked with a no-nonsense air of authority. But when he got close enough to see my dad and me, his whole face broke into his familiar toothy grin, and I knew my baby brother was as glad to see us as we were to see him.

  129. William

    All-time favorite memories of the holidays should have the companionship of others. My favorite all-time memory of the Christmas holidays would have to be spending it with my dad’s family-friends up in Georgia because of the amazing amount of people and companionship that was there. To be able to have a memory it has to be meaningful. Being able to share new memories is one way to keep on having an all-time memory of Christmas in so many ways by learning how to get out of the norm of our comfort zones. During the travel I was able to go to church and truly witness the meaning of Christmas.†

  130. Danny Atkins

    Our family was gathered around the Christmas tree on Christmas eve, I had just turned 7 years old and my 8 yeard old brother came up to me and whispered that really there is no Santa, that broke my heart and I started to cry, shortly afterward my grandmother came in and ask me why I was crying, I told her what my brother said, she embraced and held me to her. She told me that there surley was a Santa as long as you believed, I believed my grandmother, I had Santa for at least another year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Mary Jones

    My most memorable Christmas was when I was a young child. My family was poor and we did not have much, but this Christmas I had a stocking full of apples, oranges, and nuts. I thought I was so rich then.

  132. Mike

    I was 7 on Christmas morning of 1961 and my Dad had gifted me with a daisy bb gun. After opening presents the family all left the room except for Dad and myself. Dad decided it was time for a little target practice so we got down on our stomachs combat style and he showed me how to hold and aim the gun. He then directed me to shot the red glass ornamet on the tree, so I did and it broke and glass tinkled down through the branches. He continued to point to ornamet after ornamet as I shot each one. Then from doorway we heard the words “Milo Henry” that is what Mom called Dad when he was in trouble. But then she began laughing as she playfully scolded Dad. You see what I did not know at the time was that Dad and Mom had already decided to upgrade and get new ornamets for our tree. This was my Dad’s unique way of disposing of the old ornamets and making a life long memory for his son.

  133. Mike Mehrdad

    When my son was born, we were told he could not speak. For five years he didn’t. But, miraculously, and against all odds, he started by saying “DAD”, “MOM” right before Christmas!!! Can you imagine the feelings???

  134. Crystal Boulet

    My favorite and all time best Christmas Holiday was when I was able to bring my son to see his Dad for the first time….. there was alot of hugging and happy faces that Christmas I can’t even remember what the material gifts where because the emotional gifts that Christmas were in abundance!!!!

  135. Kathleen Lang

    Both, my Mother & Father have passed on, yet every Christmas a special thought comes back to me. My birthday is in the first part of January and the Christmas just before I turned 13, is still in my heart & thoughts. I “just knew” that since I was going to be a TEENAGER, that surely my Father would get me a “lacy negligee” for Christmas instead of the normal FLANNEL PJ.’S.. When I opened my gift……..You guessed it! RED PLAID PAJAMAS! My Father said:”how do you like them, Katz? They felt sooooo good on a cold winter’s night. I just loved them and him and I wish I still had them both..

  136. Teresa Yarott

    My favorite memory of Christmas was going to my Aunt and Uncle’s house on a pond, and my brother and I and all 6 of my cousins were out ice skating until we couldn’t feel our toes anymore from the cold. Then we went inside and ate dinner together and everyone started telling jokes. We laughed until our sides hurt. I fell asleep at some point and never realized we had left my Aunt and Uncle’s till I woke up the next morning.

  137. Martha Santos

    In Christmas Eve, My parents and Grandparents, my sisters and brother, we gather for Christmas Eve dinner. The day it was real special, they cook tamales, champurrado,(similar to hot chocolate) and Buñuelos with cinnamon. My Grandma use to tell the story around the fire, about Jesus Christ birth. The story it sound so real almost like I was part of the story. I miss those day’s, my mom is gone with the Lord and also my Grandparents. Those days I share with my family and keep it alive, like my Grandma used to tell stories about her family. Family is very important to gather always and made special every day.

  138. Judy Wallace

    My fun time memory of the Christmas holiday is back in 1995 when my husband killed a wild turkey and I cooked it for part of our holiday dinner. Many family members came to our house for dinner and they all laugh about the turkey. They all eat it, enjoyed it and said that it made the best dressing that they had ever tasted. We were all still laughing!

  139. Mary Burch

    My favorite Christmas memory was when my father was still alive and my children were still young. We celebrated Christmas Eve at my parent’s home. After we ate supper, we were allowed to open our gifts. My father went into another room, closed the door behind him, then a few minutes later came out then announced to the family that Santa brought him a new hairdo for Christmas. Dad was wearing a string mop on his head minus the handle. We all laughed so hard we had tears.

  140. jorge jimenez

    I remember that after our meal we would go sledding in the back yard, after a parking lot there was a huge slopped hill. to sled faster we would add water, wait and sled on hard ice. (crazy) then when it was my brothers turn. he went down so fast that could not stop his momentum, went zipping right by us like an out of control freight train, past our stopping spot and straight to the parking lot and right under an old lincoln continental. it took my dad like 10 minutes to get him out of there. but not one scratch. ’till this day i still laugh.

  141. june bailey

    My favorite memory was in 1945, when i was 5 yrs.old. I woke very early and found my very first baby doll. Also, I had left a shoe box under the Christmas tree (this was a tradition) Christmas eve, and to my delight Santa had left me an apple, an orange,some sugar plums, and a few pieces of hard candy. By the way, it was still dark when i woke up, so the light was by a kerosene lamp – no electricity………Great day!!!!

  142. Charles

    The best Christmas was spending time with my wife and getting ready for the wedding during Christmas time last year.

  143. Madeline

    The first time I was able to go to the town to meet Santa in person and deliver my wish list , there were so many children around him, when the chair he was sitting on broke chidren were laughing but I was crying and he came to me and told not to cry that he was ok and will deliver my gifts tomorrow,with that I went home to find my gift in the morning under the tree, with a beautiful note from Santa . My doll was not longer important, the letter was and I took it to school to show everyone. “What a beautiful holiday I had”!

  144. Jane Jones

    On Christmas Eve, the four of us kids would play outside on the porch waiting to see our mother’s car coming down the road home from work. Our little brothers always wanted to sleep in our room on Christmas Eve and It was so hard to go to sleep waiting for Santa to come. Mama kept coming into our room telling us we better get to sleep because if we didn’t Santa might not stop. We had all just watched the news and saw the Santa radar showing where Santa’s sleigh had been spotted and were so excited. Mama stood looking out our bedroom window and said, “There he is! You kids better lay down and get to sleep.” I didn’t see anything as I looked out the window into the darkness but our little brother Jeffrey, who was no more than three years old, stood up on the bed in his footed pajamas and shouted as he stared out that window, eyes wide with amazement and shouted, “I see him! I see him!” We didn’t see what he saw but we weren’t taking any chances that Santa might miss us and we all cuddled up and fell fast asleep.

  145. Harriet Kenbeek

    On Christmas Eve, I was 4 but I sure do remember it like it was yesterday. My siblings and I was so excited about Santa coming to town we couldnt sleep. We were up and down after going to bed. Finally my mom told my dad to take us for a ride in the car to look at the lights and there were lots of them. My dad took us by the airport and there was a light in the sky and it was so dark thats all you saw was that light. My dad said oh my gosh theres Santa. We were excited but at the same time I could remember crying because I knew we were surpose to be sleeping. I yelled at dad get us home get us home for I knew we were to be sleeeping. Dad took us home right away. When we got home though to our surprise he had been there and I said but how? Mom said Santa said we had been super good that year so he didnt mind if we were up and out seeing the lights. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night is what we heard next. To this day I still dont know how mom got those words to be heard in our house but I knew he had been there.

  146. Hal Meis

    It was the year I finally discovered that Santa was another name for Mom and Dad. My brother and I found our Christmas present hidden under their bed. Their bedroom was always off limits to us kids but we snuck in when we knew they’d not be in the house. I told my brother to not say a word but he did anyway and my parents acted really shocked that Santa would do such a thing as hide something under their bed!!! When we got up the next morning they told us that they went to look for themselves and they didn’t see anything. We were dumbfounded and their explanation was that Santa must have come to take it back since we had been snooping where we weren’t supposed to be. The week before Christmas we did everything to make up for it hoping Santa would forgive us afterall and bring it back. But when we awoke on Christmas morning it was not under the tree. Oh my, what a sadness even though we had other presents from Mom and Dad. When we finally got dressed to go outside to play, Santa had stopped by afterall and the electric football game was left out on the front porch for us, a reminder that Santa does watch us all year long.

  147. Stephanie Kuehne

    My favorite holiday memory is actually from this year. My cousin Robb with whom I am very close with has been overseas in Afghanistan for the last two years. He finally came home from his last deployment last week! He is now home with us for good and for that I am forever thankful. We have been constantly worried about him and I feel especially thankful for my aunt knowing that her son is home safe and sound with her.

  148. Rose Walker

    My favorite holiday memory is of my dad setting up his stereo speakers under the evergreen tree and softly playing Christmas music for all to hear as they walked past our house.

  149. Katrina Willard

    My favorite Christmas memory happened in 2009. My family was all at my Grandparent’s house. We opened gifts together and all the cousins played fun games. It was a very special time because this is the last time/Christmas we all saw my cousin Jacob.
    He was killed in Afghanistan in July 2010.
    I will always cherish this memory and will miss him at our family gatherings.

  150. Evelyn Gould Jarrell

    1959 my sons 2nd Christmas we got him a rocky horse he jumped on it and rocked himself to sleep he rode that horse until he wore it complety out.

  151. Ashley Michelle Archondous

    My memory would have to be one Christmas when i was about 8 or 9 and my family was completely broke and we thought we weren’t going to get Christmas that year. Well in the dead of the night my parents had a secret Santa come by and drop off some presents. they thought we were all asleep but i saw the people bringing in the presents and i just thought it was the sweetest thing ever it made me feel so loved and happy that i didn’t even want my presents i gave them to my little sister instead and to see her face light up with a smile was enough for me to give away my two presents and only keep my pajamas and socks.

  152. Adrien Beatty

    My most memorable Christmas was the year I got to celebrate it as a mother. God had other plans for me and decided since I couldnt have children he would lead our hearts to each other and join them as one. That was five years ago. This year I will be celebrating my first christmas with my son who is my daughter’s brother! The best memories are made with your children.

  153. Kimberly Miller

    For our family, our mother WAS christmas. She made the holidays special. Two years ago, right after the holidays, we found out that she had terminal lung cancer and was not expected to live another six months. I prayed to God so hard that we would get to share at least one more Christmas together before he took her….and by his grace, we did. It was the happiest (and saddest) Christmas I ever had.

  154. Robert Allison

    My all time favorite Christmas memory is when I was 9 yrs. old and it was just my mom and us kids. My mom being a single parent had worked but it wasn’t enough to bring but a couple of presents for us kids. I had got a bicycle and it was a moto-cross bike that my mom had bought used. It was in new condition and I didn’t care if it was used. I was just happy to have that blue/black Huffy moto-cross bike.

  155. Isaac Holmes

    Every Christmas was memorable. We hung the Christmas ornaments from the ceiling and as a kid it was like my own region of outer space to fly my space ships through. And at night if you turned all of the lights it looked like a a star field in our living room from the ambient light reflecting from the balls, or in some cases with non-reflective ornaments seemed to be a black hole. I can still sit and stare at the for hours.

  156. Dianne

    The first Christmas our litttle rescue puppy finally trusted me enough to look in my eyes and lick my face. Talk about a warm fuzzy feeling!!!

  157. gary white

    my best holiday memory was getting my son finally after a long custody battle over a abusive mother i got to see my 1 1/2 year old son for the first time and got to watch him open his christmas presents alot of tears of joy that day knowing hes in good hands

  158. Ernie

    My best Christmas memory was from 2001. My 24 year old daughter had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Disease the week prior to Christmas. She was admitted to the hospital immediately. Much to everyone’s amazement, including her doctor, she was discharged the day before Christmas. She was able to spend Christmas with her two children, ages one and two, and with the rest of our family. I thank God she has been in remission since 2002.

  159. nikki bankert

    my christmas memory is i always looked forward seeing family from out of town, or not seeing throughout the year get together at grandma’s for christmas dinner. we always had a blast;)

  160. brian doucette

    My best holiday memory is any one with miss my dad… After losing him to cancer with 12 days notice just 3 years ago i truly miss the times with him and our tradition of a father and son movie every christmas.

  161. Paula Gillespie

    My best holiday memory are the ones spent with my loved ones, like my dad and grandparents who are no longer with me. I cherish everyone spent with them.

  162. Nupur Kesarwani

    My Best Holiday Memories are How our big family gets together and enjoy dinner with our grandparents Love those days

  163. Amy Gullett

    I remember as a child, my sister and I woke up one Christmas Eve to the sound of reindeer hooves on the roof! We jumped out of bed and hid around a corner watching Santa Claus put our presents under our tree! To this day, it’s still one of my favorite Christmas memories…even if it was just my uncle dressed in a Santa suit who had thrown rocks on the roof!

  164. sarah conn

    My favorite holiday memory is always being excited to see my Grandma’s tree. It was the biggest, most decorated, and beautiful tree always.

  165. Kieran Dozeman

    My favorite holiday memory is holding my two-year-old daughter up to put the angel on top of the Christmas tree!

  166. Jean thurman

    My favorite memory was being a young child waking up and seeing that Santa had came.The excitement is a memory I don’t think you forget.

  167. Kennoth Gammill

    My favorite Holiday memory is when i was four years old and we lived on a farm in Mississippi. A neighbor was ask to play Santa Claus and he draged a stick accross the side of the house. My mother stuck her head inside my bedroom door and said “that must be Santa”. About that time Mr. Gadd (the neighbor) said “what do you want for Christmas little boy?” I was so excited and I ran by the window and said ” a tricycle” and ran and jumped into bed. I learned lator that Dad had bought me a little red wagon for Christmas but our neighbor had bought his daughter Doris a tricycle for Christmas. So Dad and Doris’s dad made a trade and I got the tricycle and Doris got the little red wagon. That was eighty years ago but it still is my favorite Holiday memory.

  168. ML Weston

    It was 1956. My family of 5 lived in SW Missouri on a small farm. Dad was sick in bed for over a month. We had no income. Mom put up a tree cut from the forest decorated with our old garland. There was no money for gifts.
    On Christmas Eve, some neighbors came to our door with food and beautifully wrapped packages all with names tags…..except one that was inside a rolled up shopping bag. Mom looked inside, then put it under the tree.
    Christmas morning, mom handed the bag to me. Inside was a doll about 6 inches tall dressed in a beautiful hand-made southern gown.
    Gifts for all and food! At age 62, still my most memorable Christmas!

  169. Tom Vile

    2yrs ago I dressed up as Santa and while my wife was reading a christmas story to the kids I slowly walked across the back deck so they could see me. As soon as that happened all the kids got right up and went to bed immediately. That was the quickest they every went to bed and have contemplated dressing up like Santa every night since.

  170. kim cook


  171. Julia Rivera

    My favorite holiday memory is being with my whole family on Christmas Eve after church. It was and still is a tradition for my family. I was raised by my grandparents, and we would all get together with my mom and my grandparents and my sisters and have a Christmas Eve dinner. I am so thankful for those memories, and the beautiful thing is my grandparents are still alive, so hopefully we can do it this Christmas Eve as well, and they have two great-grandchildren to now share this time with. It’s amazing.

  172. Shlomo

    In answer to question #2: The fact that my mother is alive and well in her old age… That’s what I’m most greartful for in 2012

  173. Rey

    Answer for question 2 – I was most thankful that my wife was able to see her mom in Japan before she passed away and that we were able to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday in October. The older we become the more important is the time with family.

  174. kaylasawyer

    Favorite Christmas memory was with our new baby boy, house & job. after 10 years of marriage & the blizzard of 1999 in NC. You could drive anywhere. My husband a teacher stayed with our son because the schools were closed. My work came to the nearest crossroad with 4 wheel drive & I with by breast pump went off to work. They even had to air drop food in to some as well. This lasted for weeks. We now have a 11 year old girl & son is 12 years old. Merry Christmas!

  175. Edward Schwaiger

    “I am happy to still be here: Please repeat the same question in: 2043. I will turn 100 that year.

  176. Michele

    My favorite holiday memory is my son lighting the menorah. He had learned the prayer for Hanukah at religious school, and I didn’t know it. It was amazing how he just said the prayer without any corrections or help.

  177. Paulette

    Question #2 I am so Thankful and Grateful at 65 years old that My Beautiful Mother is Healthy and Happy at 85 years old. I am pleased with the cell phone so when she travels she is safe and can communicate with those she loves. Life has So much in store for everyone by the way of gifts and blessings. We all need to be aware of them and be Thankful and Grateful every day.

  178. Louise Garone

    My best memory is as a child. We were not rich but our Christmas’ were magical. We awaited the arrival of Santa and believed sincerely in the hope and promise of Christmas. We didn’t have cell phones to keep in contact when we were not together. That would have made it all perfect. I am grateful for each happy holiday shared with family and friends.

  179. Joe

    My favorite memory was about a family member that was invited to a Thanksgiving dinner to my wife’s friends house who was just married and didn’t know the first thing about cooking (so we found out) She took the 20 pound turkey out of the freezer and then announced “I just put the turkey in the oven (frozen solid) diner should be ready in about twenty minutes”..
    They served take out for Thanksgiving dinner that year.

  180. Darrell McCormick

    The year that I got my very own table-top tree in my bedroom.I awoke to find my gift from Santa underneath it. I had set up booby-traps, so that I could finally meet the jolly old man, and yet he got in and out without awakening me.

  181. Andrea Smith

    My father was a world renowned classical violist, so I had a wonderful childhood with a musical genius and lovable but quirky dad! We figured he always had music going on his head, especially when he tapped his foot to some inner rhythm on the gas pedal when driving, making us all car sick. Another consequence of his inner music was that he often didn’t see what was going on in front of his nose. My mother decided one Christmas to make him a colorful patchwork cover for a seat cushion for his piano where he composed music. It took her months to make it, so how to hide it from him? No problem. She figured even if she left it out on the basement pool table cover right where he walked through every day on his way to and from the car, that he wouldn’t see it. Everyday she and my sister and I laughed as he passed by within inches of the evolving patchwork pillow case and never noticed at all. Finally he unwrapped the pillow case under the tree on Christmas day, exclaiming his genuine and happy surprise at the beautiful cushion! And he really wanted to know how my mother had managed to hide it while making it for him for so many months!

  182. Carol Jackson

    We spent every Christmas with my grandmother “up North” and how my mother and father managed to get our presents (and three children) in a VW bug up there every year was a yearly miracle. Best Christmas memory was the year I asked for a lassie dog and got one. Stuffed, but still nice.

  183. Sheila Dishell

    My favorite holiday memory was going to a Christmas party with my boyfriend, the love of my life who later became my husband. A fierce winter storm had hit Newark, N.J. that day (yes, it was nice back then) and everything was covered in snow. No cars, buses or cabs were on the streets and we had to walk to the party – and were greeted with hot chocolate on our arrival. But I had never before and have never since seen or heard the beautiful quiet of a city blanketed in snow.

  184. red wash

    My favorite Christmas memory was opening Christmas gifts with my wife and kids (who were 7 and 2 years of; now they are 32 and 38). Everyone was excited and having fun. We took pictures with my 35mm Pentax camera that are have turned out to be real family heirlooms. A great morning!!!

  185. mardy

    As kids; my sibling and I was unfortunate during christmas but our mom aways tried to make away.This one particular christmas she manage to buy my little brother and me our very own train track. She purchase it earlier in december and hidden it under her bed.We discovered it and every time she left we pulled it out and played with it, came christmas it was gone.We thought because we opened it she took it back to punish us,but as year went by we learn that she had to take it back because she needed the money for food.To this day I’m thankful to have my Mom for just buying that train set early.

  186. DC

    Question 2: I’d have to say 2012’s greatest blessing was a vacation with my 82-year-old mom this fall. There were a lot of memorable moments, like being saved from a torrential Miami downpour by a good Samaritan, sublime Malaysian food, and kayaking Oleta State Park with my mom and aunt, floating silently through a tunnel-shaped river branch in the mangroves while egrets and cormorants fluttered through the branches overhead. But the best was probably the time another downpour forced four of us to shoehorn into my friend’s truck cab. Aunty Flo was on Mom’s lap and my friend perched above the stickshift with one buttock on the edge of the seat and the other in empty air! Lots of laughs.

  187. Carolyn Gordon

    My most memorable holiday season was the year I received a pink and gray radio. I really didn’t expect anything that year because I was being punished. You see, I loved to draw and whenever I couldn’t find any paper to draw on I used the toilet paper.

  188. Patty

    I’m most thankful for my health and my husband’s health. I turned 60 this year and my husband is 71. We live in a retirement community in FL. It is wonderful to see all of the many healthy older people in our community and I truly believe that their health and active lifestyle are what keep them young at heart. We take our health for granted but it is essential to a happy, long life which I want to have! With my Pure Talk phone!

  189. Alice Christensen

    Alice Christensen says –
    Our family was Danish. Each Christmas Tanta Elsa would put their Christmas tree in the center of the living room. Before opening all the presents we would all join hands around the tree and sing Gladale Jul (Silent Night) and it was so moving and spiritual. Then Santa would come and it was indeed a joyful evening.

  190. Tricia Knell

    My 12 year old daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder that kills 98% of babies within the first year and she is still with us today. My 8 year old son will be celebrating 2 years remission from cancer in February. For this I am most grateful for another year that I get to have my two beautiful babies alive and well.

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