In Atlanta? Listen for our commercials during Dave Ramsey on WSB!


“Don’t be a Sucker!”

Listen out for our new commercials during the Dave Ramsey radio show in Atlanta on WSB (AM750/95.5FM) from 10pm-1am.  This campaign focuses on understanding – and REALIZING – the significant cost difference between a contract plan and Pure TalkUSA.

If you want to save money – to cut your budget, to get out of debt, to save for a vacation or just so you can spend that money on some fabulous frivolity – take a hard look at your current cell phone bill.  Review your usage, and consider what you need in wireless services, what you want in wireless services and how these two things compare.  Then view our plans at  Chances are you could get the same service you currently have for a savings of $20+/month OR could make some minor sacrifices and save $30-50+/month.

And at that rate, it won’t take many months to make a MAJOR difference in your pocketbook!

Check out WSB AM750/95.5FM from 10pm-1am weekday nights and let us know what you think of the new commercials!

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