Say goodbye to that contract and save money with low cost, no contract service


Do not get locked into a cell phone contract. Check out Pure TalkUSA today.

With 5 months left in her contract, one of our Pure TalkUSA employees faces a hard decision—should she stay in her high cost, and low minutes cell phone contract plan, or switch to the low cost, no contract service that Pure TalkUSA provides and face the penalty for breaking her contract? Of course, her ultimate decision will come down to the price.

To help her out, I did a breakdown of what exactly it costs her with her current cell phone provider, and what it would cost her using Pure TalkUSA. I love comparing prices, and as a frugal shopper, I get a thrill out of spending less and saving more. Below are the results, and after seeing these, you too may want to rethink that contract plan and opt for a no contract, cell phone plan.

Current Contract Cell Phone Provider:

Monthly bill: $65-$75, depending on overages
Includes: 450 anytime minutes, 5000 weekend minutes, 200 text, and early nights/weekends starting at 7pm
Cancellation fee: as of right now $80 (this company starts you out with a cancellation fee of $175, but decreases it by $5 every month that you have service with them)

With Pure TalkUSA:

Monthly bill: $48 flat (with {no hidden fees}- never extra taxes, roaming fees, etc)
Includes: Unlimited ANYtime minutes, and Unlimited text
Cancellation fee: none, because no contract cell phone plan

***Just looking at the difference in the limited amount of minutes and texts she gets now versus what she would get with Pure TalkUSA would make me want to switch. I text. A LOT : )

If she cancels and switches to Pure TalkUSA, she is out the $80.00 penalty, but does not have to purchase a new phone because she can just put a Pure TalkUSA SIM card in her current phone. Being out $80 does not compare to the hundreds of dollars she will save over time with Pure TalkUSA.

For the next year, she would pay $576 for 12 months of unlimited Talk and Text versus $780-$900 a year of limited talk and limited text with her contract plan!

If she switched from her current provider to Pure Talk’s low cost, no contract cell phone plan, she could save around $324 a year—not to mention, have ALL the text and talk that her heart desires with Pure TalkUSA’s unlimited talk and text.

I don’t know about you, but I can make $324.00 go very far! I challenge you to compare your service to Pure TalkUSA and see how much you could save if you switched to Pure Talk’s Unlimited Plan. Of course, if you do not need unlimited minutes, you can always sign up for Pure TalkUSA’s Flex Plan and set your budget on how much you want to spend per month. Pure TalkUSA keeps cell phone service simple by offering flexible, affordable, and reliable cell phones and plans.

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