Who Needs a Vacation? Let Pure TalkUSA Help!


It’s that time of year….time to skip out on a few days of work, load up the car and head to your favorite getaway spot.  It is Summer break after all, right?!

Well, this is right, and, unfortunately, also wrong for many people.

A recent study conducted by CareerBuilder found that 1 in 4 people employed full-time do not plan to take a vacation this year, blaming this on the cost and an inability to take time off of work. Though the remaining respondents did plan to take a vacation, a third of them planned to take their work along with them while they were gone.

Of course, this study didn’t include those not employed full-time, and a natural assumption would be that it might be even more difficult for those without the benefits of a full-time paycheck to head to the beach for a week.

Though it might be easy to dismiss this study without feeling too sorry for those that can’t take a break, the fact remains that this number has been increasing over the last few years, indicating that we are taking less and less time off from our busy schedules. This lack of time away can lead to burnout, decreased job performance, higher stress levels (which can lead to serious health concerns), a general feeling of disassociation from family and overall lower levels of happiness and satisfaction (which can in turn lead to a more unhealthy lifestyle).

Vacations are important to our overall wellbeing, and it is important to take them, if only for a few days.

How Can Pure TalkUSA Help?

There are 2 ways in which we can help you take that much-needed vacation:

1. Save money with our service

Read over our Facebook page, our Reviews and our blog posts. Pure TalkUSA will save you money, period. And oftentimes, this is no small amount – many users report saving between $80-100 A MONTH on our service. In addition, we also offer Referral Rewards to customers that refer their friends.  For each customer you refer, we will give you 202 minutes (or a $10 credit if you are on the Unlimited Plan); this credit allows many users to get by with a $10/month cell phone bill, increasing their savings per month drastically.  Saving enough for a few nights in a hotel doesn’t take long at this rate!

2. Enter our “I Need a Vacation Giveaway”

Pure TalkUSA "I Need a Vacation Giveaway"

Pure TalkUSA is giving away a $250 hotel giftcard, as well as other great prizes.  All you have to do to enter is spread the word about Pure TalkUSA.  For details on the giveaway and how to enter, click here.  Winners will be announced by July 15!


You deserve a vacation – let Pure TalkUSA help you get one!


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